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Informatics: Innovation Driver For Technical And Social Progress?

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For ages scientists and industrialists have harnessed the power of what data and information can do. Information is the sole driver and decider of many small questions and conundrums that matter a lot. Earlier, the computing power was mostly used for performing calculation and computation tasks, not much attention was given towards relationship between information and daily lives of people both at work and home. Look around, everything that you hear, see and feel is information. Number of people boarding buses,trains and aeroplanes directly decides the efficiency in terms of speed and fuel efficiency. Look inside a library, noise levels decide whether you can stay in or out of the library. A smart room adjusts the air-conditioning according to the temperature outside. The science behind how we use information for the sole purpose of improvement and progress motivates scientists all over the world to be innovative and creative which in turn benefits everybody, and in turn achieving technological and social progress.

Man being a part of the society is an obvious contributor to the progress of society, Information available to man at the right time and at the right place[1] has enabled him to explore new horizons, Knowledge in the form of internet is now affordable, and all this has been possible due to advancements in informatics. Data gas been rightly processed and made available to users as information. Society consisting f commoners who are less familiar to bits and bytes are now familiar with every bit of information; news, web logging, reviews, sports, current affairs and what not.

With information been disseminated freely and mostly reachable to everybody; education is no more a distant dream, the educated contribute to the progress of self and society. In countries like India, Argentina, Venezuela and other African countries, where schools and teachers are less in number, elementary education should be provided through internet . One such effort is the “Hole-in-the wall” project[2] in India, initiated by Dr. Sugata Mitra, the Chief Director of NIIT. The central idea of the project was unsupervised learning through computers[3].A freely accessible computer was placed in a hole in the wall, which acted like a kiosk. It was tested in the year 1999 in the slums of Kalkaji[4], New Delhi in India. It proved to be useful for the slum dwellers especially the children, who couldn't make it to schools. Initially, the children used computers to download images and music files. However after a period of nine months the children began using internet to check facts about various aspects that they come across in daily life. Such efforts have to be encouraged as it contributes to social progress. Information Technology and tools available to one and all has made education reachable to people from all walks of life.

Informatics has made possible many a things that was once thought to be impossible. Imagine a employer hiring a 100,000 employees. Age...

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