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Data Essay

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A1. Grade Level or Subject
The area that needs improvement is reading.
A2. Current Achievement Status
The current achievement status for reading is 63% of the students achieved a level of 3-5 on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT). 32% of these students achieved a level four or five on the FCAT.
A3. Changes in Achievement Status
The achievement status has declined the last two years in reading. According to the Florida Department of Education for the school year 2011-2012, 65% of the students achieved a level 3-5 on the FCAT; 38% of these students achieved a level 4-5 on this assessment (2012). The 2012-2013 school year, the Florida Department of Education showed the achievement on the FCAT reading assessment declined to 63% of the students achieving a level 3-5 with only 32% of these students receiving a level four or five (2013). The learning gains decreased as well from 69% in 2012 to only 59% in 2013.
A4. Desired Improvement
Based on the results of FCAT data, the desired improvement in the outcome data will increase by 3% in the number of students achieving a level 3-5 on the FCAT reading assessment. This will be an increase from 63% to 66% for the 2013-2014 school year. The school will also set a goal to increase the number of students that will achieve a level 4-5 on the FCAT reading assessment from 32% to 35%. The goal for the learning gains will increase from 59% to 62%
B. Areas or Components in Need of Improvement
Two components of the curriculum that needs to be improved based on the data are reading comprehension and vocabulary development.
B1. Justification
When looking at the specific components from the FCAT reading assessment, the two areas that students struggled with were reading comprehension and vocabulary development. The data showed a decrease in scores in both vocabulary and literacy analysis. There was also a decrease in scores in informational text.
B2. Improvements
From looking at the data it is obvious the students in this school are struggling with comprehending text when reading which is why one of the focuses is to improve reading comprehension. Students need to “think within the text” (Scharer, Pinnell, & Fountas, 2005, p. 28) which involves students understanding what the text is telling them. Student achievement will increase if students are able to comprehend what they are reading. Another component that will have a direct impact on reading comprehension is vocabulary development. Working on these two components together will help to increase student achievement in reading, as well as other subject areas.
C. Curricular Modifications
A curricular modification that will address the two curricular weaknesses is implementing higher order text dependent questions during reading instruction.
C1. Implementation of Modifications
To ensure that all teachers understand what text dependent questions are, the reading coach will provide training opportunities for all teachers in...

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