Information And Communication Technology And Education

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There is a dramatic increase of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) that integrates with education. All possible types of (ICT) such as; smart mobile phones, computers, are starting to replace a textbook in school and university with an online e-book. These types of technology integrated into a classroom can be a great tool to empower students to get a wide range of knowledge. Using technology in the classroom is affected in positive and negative ways. Moreover, people are divided into two different perspectives regarding this issue. Some people believe that technology will enhance student’s knowledge, whereas, other authorities are struggling to provide technology in the classroom. Indeed, the positive influence of integrating technology in education cannot be denied due to the facilitators for communication and improvement of education.
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However, technology assists the teachers in creating a collaborative learning environment, by exploring images, videos, and programs like Adobe Photoshop and PowerPoint to facilitate individuals learning process. For example, in a biology class, students need to visualize, stimulate and animate of cellular structures like DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) molecule, rather than reading a whole topic about DNA and memorize it from the textbook. This dynamic way encourages students to participate and be more effective in the classroom. In fact, after technology activated to use in a classroom, about 80 percent of students in the classroom began to participate.
In addition, technology can improve student’s skills by using it among classroom to let them typing on the keyboard to get used to it. Allow students to know how to utilize computer programs, such as, Microsoft office software. They will know how to make articles, presentations, brochures, and use graphics by Microsft Excel to link mathematical concepts to real-world applications. Moreover, PowePoint can be utilized for demonstration purpose. Actually, after technology began to use in schools and universities, about 75 percent of students have higher grades than the students who have a traditional learning process.
On the other hand, some people disagree with integrating technology in education, because it causes eye weakness and lets students depended on computer which decrease their intelligent thinking, reading and writing skills. It is true that some students intelligent thinking decrease, and may lead to eye weakness. But students should have high level of education in developing countries and health aspect can be avoided by using quality screen.
In conclusion, integrating technology in education is an excellent method, because this dynamic system used in the classroom make students more initiative and participating in the class. Furthermore, they will understand the lessons better than the traditional method of learning. Technology can motivate students to achieve high level of education. It is a tool utilized to enhance education in the society.

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