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Information And Education Using The Six Standards For Administrators

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The ISLLC (Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium) standards are designed to facilitate leaders in education to become more effective throughout the school day. Not only do administrators work with teachers, students, and parents, they work with their communities to create a learning environment conducive to successful achievement and positive enrichment. These standards are the foundation on which successful schools are built. Administrators versed in the ISLLC Standards acquire strategies and tools that enhance teaching, learning and student achievement in their schools (Hahn, 2006, p 1).These six standards began their development through a consortium of organizations, beginning as early as 1988, establishing the National Policy board for Educational Administration. There was a continued need for accountability in our schools. A report was released by the National Commission on Excellence in Education entitled "A Nation at Risk", in 1983 (E-Lead, 2006, p.1). This report called for school reform. Our educational structure was systematically collapsing and a great change was necessary to create success for our students, families, and communities.The Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium officially adopted their six (6) Standards for School Leaders November 2, 1996 (CCSSO, 2005, p. 2). These standards were intended to stimulate growth and increase merit in educational leaders.Many websites provide excellent information about the ISLLC Standards' emergence, organization, and implementation. The three I found most useful were the CCSSO (Council of Chief State School Officers), NAESP (National association of Elementary School Principals), and e-Lead; Leadership for Student Success.The CCSSO has the actual adoption document from the Full Consortium. This document addresses the knowledge, dispositions, and performances of the Standards in which school leaders follow (CCSSO, 2005, p. 10). These three areas assign a range of instructional objectives in which administrators implement each standard. Administrators can use this as a type of doctrine to follow throughout their administrative career. I found the "dispositions" portion of the document quite interesting as it spoke about 'a willingness to continuously examine one's own assumptions, beliefs, and practices' (CCSSO, 2005, p. 10). We sometimes take for granted that this philosophy is being used at every turn. However, people, sometimes educators, tend to forget this viewpoint when working in the educational community. There are stereotypes that have been embedded in their thinking that may not be broken. As a special educator, I see this problem repeatedly. "Regular" education teachers often see our teaching as fluff, or nonsensical. Open-mindedness to new ideas, curriculum, teaching methods, etc. is necessary to bring about fresh, thriving educational communities.The National Association of Elementary School Principals website has many resources available for principals to...

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