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Information And Features Of The New Technology Red Tacton

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Fig. Features of RedTacton
RedTacton has three main features as shown in figure.
1. Touch
This is the main feature of RedTacton. A communications path can be created with a simple touch, automatically initiating the flow of data between a body-centric electronic device and a computer that is embedded in the environment. For example, a simple handshake between people having RedTacton device, sitting, stepping on something and so on.
2. Broadband and Interactive
The second feature is about little interference or no interference. RedTacton supports a two- communication between two points on the body regardless that the communication must be confined on the surface of the body but can travel through the user’s clothes, shoes and so on to the RedTacton device. Unlike wireless technologies, the transmission speed does not vary even in the presence of large crowds of people all communicating at the same time in meeting rooms, auditoriums or stores. Because the body surface is the transmission path, increasing the number of connected users directly increases the available number of individual communication channels.
3. Any Media
The third feature is any media meaning that the transmission medium is not fixed. A wide variety of materials can be used as the transmission medium, as long as the material is conductive and dielectric, which includes water and other liquids, various metals, certain plastics, glass, etc. Using ordinary structures such as tables and walls that are familiar and readily available, one could easily construct a seamless communication environment at very low cost using RedTacton.
Red Tacton Applications
1. One to One Service
The ability to send data from the device attached on the body to another computer in the environment.
1.1 Medicine Analysis
Red Tacton devices embedded in medicine bottles transmit the information’s that are on the medicine attributes. So if the user picks up the wrong medicine bottle, an alarm is triggered to warn the user. The alarm sounds only if the user touches the medicine bottle reducing false alarm as shown in figure .This helps in eliminating the user mistakes of taking and giving wrong medicines.

Fig. An Alarm

Similar Application Examples
To avoid the risk at construction sites by using alarm sounds if someone else touches the equipments other than the supervisors.

1.2 Marketing
On just touching the devices or items that are commonly implemented on user’s interest he/she gets the whole information in depth about that particular device/item. Even when standing in front of an advertising panel, if the advertised item and user information have any common attributes, they are displayed as shown in figure.
Figure shows that the user can hear music or the description by standing in front of the exhibit

Fig. Touch Advertising Fig. Communication between the users’s
device to the device embedded in the

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