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News And Newspapers

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News and Newspapers

News is simply delineated as “a report of a recent event; something one
has not heard of before”(Websters, 282). Conceding that it is inelaborate in
its definition, news is much more intricate as it succumbs to corporate
moneymaking ideologies. The corporate essence of news is prevalent in the form
of the newspaper “a paper published periodically for circulating news” that is
sold therefore making news a business. In business the saying goes that the
customer is always right making news subject to the demands of these consumers.
The underlying purpose of news is to “provide facts upon which decisions are
based” (Mencher, 56). Yet this purpose is tainted to accommodate the newspapers
need to sell papers. Journalism is the work of gathering news, therefore
making the journalist succumb to the corporate needs of the newspaper. The
three major newspapers of Toronto (Toronto Sun, Toronto Star and The Globe &
Mail) discord in their journalistic techniques for the purpose of selling their
produc t.

"News is more often made rather than gathered. And it is made on the basis of
what the journalist thinks is important or what the journalist thinks the
audience thinks is important" (Postman, 14).

     The Toronto Sun focuses on the audience that yearns for entertainment
and adjuts its word selection and choice of articles to accommodate this need
for entertainment. The glitz and glamour of today's celebrities provide a
fantasy world in which the reader can escape. The Toronto Sun leaves no stone
uncovered as it stays on top of celebrity issues to accommodate their audience ‘
the average Joe' with entertainment. “Michael Jackson's wife gave birth to a
baby boy yesterday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center” (T.Sun Feb. 18/97) in the
article titled Oh Baby, Jacko to be a dad soon. What makes this article more
ominous than any other birth other than that it is entertaining to the star
crazed general public? Hundreds Get To Eye Claudia the so called 'superbabe' as
she “breezes her way into The Bay's downtown Yonge St. Store”(T. Sun Feb. 25/97).
“Up to five hundred people waited for up to two hours for a glimpse of the
famed beauty and to hear her speak”(T. Sun Feb. 25/97). Imagine how many looked
in the Sun for the article. The article choices of the Sun have a direct
affiliation to the need for it as a business to provide entertainment for its
culled audience.

The Toronto Star is a family oriented newspaper and focuses on community
issues that relate to a vast number of people. The Star's audience are the
family type people who desire local news and emotional stories. The April 3/97
article Woman Searching For Trucker Who Was Her Highway Savior elucidates a
human triumph tale meant for the whole family as “nine month pregnant Tanya
Aubert was guided to her safety by a trucker after her windshield was smashed on
the 400 highway”(T.Star April 3/97). The Star incorporates many emotion filled
phrases to...

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