News Bulletin Report For Austrlian News On October 27th, 2003

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The purpose of this report is to analyse the content of two News Bulletins on two different television channels, in this case channels' Nine and the ABC, and to report any similarities and differences found in either the content or presentation. These two Bulletins were televised on the same night, Monday the 27th October 2003, but at different times, with Channel Nine being televised at 6.00pm, and the ABC being televised at 7.00pm.There are many similarities between these two Bulletins. For instance, they were both advertised as a half-hour show, but went for a shorter amount of time. They both covered some of the same stories, the Gangland Killings, the Union Protest, the Los Angeles Fires, the New Treatment for Comatose Patients, the Bagdad Bombings, the French Terrorist and the Missing Pilot. They both also had Finance, Sport and Weather reports. In the Finance reports both bulletins talked about the boom in the Australian Market, and in the Sports report both bulletins mentioned the cricket, the Rugby World Cup, and the Spring Racing Carnival. As the Weather couldn't change between channels, the weather reports were also similar. The news stories, and the information released about these stories, were, on a whole, similar for both Bulletins.Although there are many similarities between the Channel 9 and the ABC News Bulletins, there were many more differences. The most obvious differences were the advertisements, the time each bulletin went for, and the presenters. The Channel 9 Bulletin had three advertisements breaks, which each went for approximately 1 minute, 30 seconds each, whereas the ABC News Bulletin had no advertisement breaks during the Bulletin. The Channel 9 Bulletin went for a total of 28 minutes, and the ABC went for 29 minutes. However, that means that the ABC had 29 minutes of news, while Channel 9 only had approximately 23 minutes, 30 seconds of news, and 4 minutes, 30 seconds of advertisements. The Channel 9 News presenter is Peter Hitchener, with reports on the Sport,...

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