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Data Collection & Analysis Paper

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Data Collection and Analysis Paper PAGE 1
Data Collection and Analysis PaperThere are many problems that people are facing with the gas prices raising in today's society. Some problems include people not having the equitable funds necessary to keep up with the rising price of gas. Since we live in a society where transportation plays a huge role in maintaining a simple way of life, it is essential to address these rising problems. Therefore, we will discuss how the primary and secondary data was collected and validated. The data will project the process of how we can minimize the problems that gas shortage has given to society. Finally, we will analyze the collection of data and draw conclusions from the information to see if the solutions are well validated.During our first research Process outline, Team B came to consensus, in that something had to be done about the current situation the team is facing, primarily due to the rising cost of fuel. The team considered several courses of action. "What do we want to achieve?" Should individuals in Team B be concerned with the rising cost of fuel? Specifically, should individuals in Team B be concerned with the number of miles driven each day to work considering the rising cost of fuel? Should individuals in Team B be concerned with the amount of time it takes to get to work vs. the cost of fuel? Should individuals in Team B be concerned with the amount of money spent on fuel getting to work each day?Several team members even considered selling their sports utility vehicles and buying more fuel-efficient vehicles. Meeting at a centralize location and carpool was also highly considered. Team B knew they were going through some difficult times because of the high cost of fuel, but what could they do? These are just some of the variables that we will address in our Data Collection Analysis.To answer these questions, we collected both primary and secondary data regarding our problem. The first primary data was obtained from the California Energy Commission, (2005). California like many other states across the nation is feeling the pain of rising energy prices, including the rise in fuel.According to the California Energy Commission, (2005) citizens can reduce fuel costs, now if they follow these simple tips!Purchase Fuel Wisely - Save up to 20%1. Use the Right Grade of Gasoline / Don't Top Off: Most cars run fine on regular. Check your vehicle owner's manual to find out what's right for your car. Don't "top off" at the pump and make sure your fuel fill cap is on tight and working right.Regular grade fuel cost 10% less than premium grade.2. Look for the Best Price / Limit Purchases When Prices are High: Today's gasoline's provide very similar engine performance (although some brands have different gasoline blends that provide other benefits,) so choose stations in your area with the lowest prices. Fuel prices can vary 10% within a local area. Avoid filling the tank during high-price periods.Alter Travel...

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