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Name: Gweneth Marietta T. Cabeliño Grade & Section: XI-St. Br. Adolfo Mariano
Bonn Jacob Ayuste
"How technology helps patients and other visitors navigate hospitals" by Ruben Castaneda
a. The problem stated on the article is the location of the hospitals on where the patients can easily go if there will be health risk incident matters that will arise.
b. To address the challenge the technology involved, and must be used will be the apps which is downloadable in any cellular phones or electronic devices which provides GPS to get the precise directions. Examples are Google Maps and Take Me There-Overlook app.
c. The technology empowered the individuals by informing or accessing easily and smoothly the location of the hospitals. Technology is very essential specially today because as we’ve heard from the news, there are a lot of accidents happening along the roads so it's very convenient to download those navigating apps specifically when the patients are involved in a life and death situation which needs an emergency operation.
"Google Maps can now help you park and other Small Business Tech News This Week" By Gene Marks
a. The problem addressed by the article talks about different problems namely abstaining discrimination of the workers in a company, using the traditional way of buying something, selling things in a shop wherein costumers will go there to buy something, hassle in finding a parking space in your destination, and lastly, experiencing inconvenience due to the bad weather and lack of trip advisory by the agency. To sum it up the challenge is the hindrance of making your business save time, less effort and less inconvenience.
b. To solve the problem of discrimination at work, Joonko, an Atlanta-based startup has launched new software, StorePower app was introduced that helps you take orders for pickup or delivery and shoppers can use their credit cards through banking online which saves time and effort. In addition to, google maps will soon have the features that uses "easy", "medium", and "limited" descriptions to help the users navigate the situation and expand the turn-by-turn directions of their destination.
c. Technology empowered the individuals through introducing new software and apps which is helpful for the merchants to operate faster and saves time, effort and abstain inconvenience to the costumers.
3. Times of Israel
"Israel tech helps US speed up passport procedures" by Shoshanna Solomon...

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