Information Explosion: How Information Is Every Where

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Many administrators, executives, faculty, instructors, IT specialists, librarians, researchers, scholars, school teachers, students, and etc are searching and using information every day. Information is not easy to understand precisely. Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW), information is now delivered and disseminated across many applications, databases, networks, platforms, and systems in the networked information world. Information has a broad domain. Information is everything perceivable around us and only perceivable through our senses. Information exists in many different forms, such as codes, colors, events, facts, graphs, images, letters, lights, news, numbers, pictures, signs, signals, sounds, statistics, tables, texts, waves, and so on. Information can be collected, modified, organized, processed, stored, twisted, and transmitted for some specific purposes. While searching information, we need to define our information needs first before we try to access and locate information resources. Information can be broadly defined as any pattern that can be recognized by some system for examples a living organism, an electronic system or a mechanical device and or that can influence the formation or transformation of other patterns. In context of this assignment, information refers to knowledge communicated or received concerning a particular fact or circumstances. Therefore, by definition, information explosion can be viewed as a sudden increase of knowledge communicated or received concerning a particular fact or circumstances. It is information explosion that leads to information overload. According to, Information Overload is an overwhelming feeling upon the receipt or collection of an indigestible or incomprehensible amount of information, the feeling of being faced with an amount of data that one has no hope of completely processing. Information explosion can be attributed to four main causes, the invention of printing, the growth of literacy among the middle classes, the increasing relationship between information and the competitive economic advantages of nations, and the advent of information and communication technology (ICT).

Information Explosion
According to the Rudds’ article titled The Impact of Information Explosion on Library Users: Overload or Opportunity, ‘The term information explosion should be used only to describe an extreme increase in the supply of information to library users.’ (Rudd & Rudd, 1986) While I am not narrowing my affected area to only library users, I am including all information users, I do agree with the general concept of the definition they use. In the last decade we have seen an extreme increase in information ready for consumption on just the Internet alone. In less than 30 seconds Google can retrieve over 900,000 results for the word aardvark. Over a decade ago if someone wanted to know about aardvarks they would have to make a trip to the library, a cultural center, or a zoo. It...

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