Information Management In Industry: The Case Of Hitachi Transport System

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Information management is a foundation to conducting business nowadays. Information system has become more essential in helping an organization conduct their operation. Organizations are trying to become more efficient so that they can survive in this technological era. They become more attached to transform themselves into digital firms when all core business processes and relationship with customer, suppliers and employees are digitally enabled. There are two forms in defining the Information Management, from the technical view, information system collects, stores and disseminates information from an organization’s environment and internal ...view middle of the document...

So with this many famous brand that using Hitachi Transport System, Ltd, as their logistic choice, of course there is a burden to manage the shipping, the cost, and so many others thing to take. The main software to maintain all of this information is GWMS (Global Warehouse Management System) and GFMS (Global Forwarding Management System) and also GSLG (global synchronous logistics gateway). Hitachi Transport System, Ltd takes pride on their in house software because they have to compete with other logistic company and at the same time they have to improve their software becomes more efficient.
The GFMS function supports all aspects of Hitachi Transport System’s shipping activities, and in addition to upgrading the existing functions, which included sea and air freight, reporting, and shipper agency functions, the system has been designed to expedite shipping and customs procedures by handling data exchange between exporting and importing countries and to use standardized master data formats for the entire world. The system is currently being rolled out to all of Hitachi Transport System’s overseas subsidiaries and is quick to install and get up and running at new offices.

The GWMS warehouse management system, which first went into operation in 2005, provides...

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