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Information On Crowd Sourcing Plataforms Essay

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The aim of this report is to provide information to our clients on potential crowdsourcing platforms so that they may make an educated decision on whether or not to adopt the platform into their business model(s). Our clients are unsure about the changes and opportunities associated with implementing a crowdsourcing platform with their business, so this report has been created with the aim of providing them an evaluation of the crowdsourcing platform as a whole. The global enterprise crowdsourcing market has been experiencing accelerating growth; it had a growth rate of 52.5% between 2009-2010 and 74.7% between 2010-2011 (REFERNCE) making it a market to consider investing in. ...view middle of the document...

Crowdsourcing platforms are also targeted towards those who are of legal working age and interested in casual work from any country in the world, to become part of their workforce
2.2.1 Value Proposition For Seekers
Crowdsourcing creates value for seekers by allowing seekers to drastically reduce labour costs in their company, this is evident as the average weekly earnings for Australians was $1,122.60 in May 2012 (ABS), whereas crowdsourcing offers competitive pricing for the completion of task’s that are much lower than that of the average weekly earnings of an employee, which is possible due to the large virtual workforce that the crowdsourcing platform has.
Value is also created for seekers due to the lack of substantial implementation costs of a crowdsourcing platform, as the only requirement for the seekers is a working internet connection and either a laptop or a PC (in some platforms, smartphones can also be used). The Crowdsourcing platform manages its own software & hardware to receive, process and deliver the tasks it receives.
Crowdsourcing has the potential to reduce future expenses for its seekers, creating long-term value for them. If a business chose to hire new employees to complete the tasks, rather than outsource them via a crowdsourcing platform, there are substantial costs involved in the hiring process and it may take several months for the business to start making a profit off the new employee (Investopedia) and extra infrastructure expenditure may also be incurred to provide working space for the new employee(s). Crowdsourcing helps the business avoid this problem as it already has a large, international workforce that doesn’t need a specific work environment.
2.2.2 Value Proposition for Solvers
Crowdsourcing platforms give value to the solvers by providing them the freedom to work at anytime from anywhere, as long as they have a connection to the internet and a laptop, pc or smartphones (only on some platforms) to submit their work. This is possible due to the fact that crowdsourcing platforms act like websites, where solvers can electronically submit their work.
The lack of any educational requirements to start working also creates value for solvers, allowing those who aren’t qualified to work else-ware to obtain a source of income from the crowdsourcing platform. Clients should not be worried about this affecting the quality of the solutions they receive for their tasks, as most crowdsourcing platforms have strict quality control standards to ensure solutions are correct
3.1.1 Description of The Business Model
The Clickworker Business Model has two main key activities to create their value propositions; one is receiving customer task’s and breaking them into “microtasks” that can be completed by the “clickworkers” and the other is quality control over the completed tasks. Clickworker is a...

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