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Falsifying a Résume

Always tell the truth comes with the saying, “that way you don’t have to remember what you said.” With modern day social media connections and the internet filled with instant data the ability for individuals to obtain information on falsifying résumés is a mouse click away. Technology and the unrestricted flow of information gives individuals pursuing employment endless opportunities to explore occupations. Personal information in relation to individual résumés can be presented ethically or unethically depending on the prospective candidate. Whether information is included or excluded in the résumé can be examples of personal characteristics that represent the individual. The honest character of an employee can be examined through the guidelines of his or her resume. In finding the right employees for jobs companies search the prospective hires by using background checks from information stated on the résumé. Background checks and specialized inquiries into an individual’s past search for irregularities in character and help protect a company’s legal interests from penalties resulting from lawsuits. These processes filter out untruthful applicants and save the company money. On occasion applicants falsify their résumés, this occurs for numerous reasons, statistics show increases in deceitful representations continues to grow. A business manager must set ethical expectations during the résumé process they are a central part of hiring and firing. The ethical and legal repercussions for falsifying a résumé can greatly affect the future employment of prospective employees damaging both their careers and the reputation of a business. The Resume represents not only the individual but also the company and that represents the merchandises or services containing customers trust.
Peter Christ an expert on checking backgrounds for business hires statement is absolutely correct when he said “You can't live in my world and cover stuff up. At some point in time you will be found out if you don't come clean. It doesn't matter if it was 2 days ago or 20 years ago.” Continued advancements in technology both in software and hardware continue to back Mr. Christ up with fact. The transferring and documentation of personal information by companies including personal records to digital databanks have increased reliability and availability. Almost anyone can search a prospective candidate’s individual documents in regards to a person’s history, both the respectable and the corrupt. Most subjective information on an individual becomes available through a computer and a credit card. Truthfulness is public record and can be investigated by anyone willing to spend the time or invest the fee.
Resumes and social media profiles on the internet can produce revealing information about prospective employees. A company can find everything from where a prospective hire grew up to their education and past work experience, as well as their...

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