Information Security Essay

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Information Security
As the world migrates to the digital village, a lot of digital data and information is generated and transmitted. In the same line, there is a growing need for data repositories or data banks. Information security is chiefly concerned about prevention, detection and response to computer threats or risks (CISCO, 2013). Protecting organizational information and systems is a daunting task because of the emerging and advanced threats to information technology resources. Securing information technology infrastructure and informational assets is a continuous cycle as advancements in technology presents a new breed of threats (Hunt, 1998).
In the current business landscape, accounting systems are typically modules of web-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems (Laudon & Traver, 2009). As much as they are core operational areas of any organization, they need to be interconnected seamlessly with other operational areas like transport and procurement to meet the growing demands of real-time operations. With this in mind, customer experience, productivity and profitability of an entity must be achieved without compromising the information security of such critical modules. In this line, the concept of information security is directly linked to the productivity accounting systems. That is to say, for accounting data or information to have value and used to generate revenue, it must be safeguarded at all costs.
Since threats are constantly shifting, conducting information security audits on a continuous basis assist entities to ensure that adequate security controls and tools are up-to-date. Security audits reduce the security risk to an organization’s information assets and other interconnected systems, such as the accounting and human resources modules of an ERP (Wool, 2004). For instance, the Department of Homeland Security carries out continuous information security audits to ensure that integrity, confidentiality and availability of the homeland security enterprise data and services (Wool, 2004). Ensuring the security of financial systems is a continuous endeavor, considering the never-ending attacks from hackers - using advanced methods and tools; to access valuable information within organizations.
This research paper discusses software and hardware firewalls with reference to accounting systems.
Definition of firewall
A firewall is a software program or specialized hardware devices, designed to check information entering or leaving the network; and either blocking it or allowing it to pass through a node - based on existing security settings (Zwicky, Cooper, & Chapman, 2009). It can also be defined as a rule based program or device intended to allow network traffic to pass through while blocking unwanted traffic. Firewalls are usually placed between an entity’s network and the insecure public internet. They act as a first line of defense in opposition to unwanted traffic. In this respect, a firewall can help entities to...

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