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Information Security Essay

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The Technological advancement in today's world has changed dramatically, the use of computers within the private and public sectors has said to have raised rapidly over the past few years'. It has been anticipated that, unless the information security problem is resolved, losses from I.T field may reach $40 billion per year. The possibility of corporations or banks going bankrupt as a result of computer theft is very real. The objective of information security includes protection of information and property from theft, corruption, or natural disaster. This has to be done by allowing the information and property to remain accessible and productive to its intended users. The three most important objectives of information security are data loss prevention, application security and cyber security
Firstly, the most important purpose of information security is data loss prevention. Data loss protection solution is a process of detecting any security threats and prevents them by getting monitored from third party. Most of the companies yet do not have exact data classification programs to educate their employees and explain them the importance of it. All India institute of medical sciences university (AIIMS) was fined with an huge amount of rupees three thousand crores for loss of data. This data loss happened when data storages with credit card numbers were accidently sold without erasing them.
Simillarly,With so many applications being developed and used in companies, they are being made without any security awareness in mind. Application security is the use of software and hardware techniques to protect software applications from any external threats. Some technology companies are in such a hurry of developing an application that they are forgetting about Security Development Lifecycle protocol. After...

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