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Information System In An Integrated Multidisciplinary Health Care Team: A Strategy For Improving Patient Care

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Holland Rise Health and Social Care Trust is a merged service, formed five years ago by Jone Jones.They provide community healthcare and social care services to people living in the inner city and suburban area of some 450square miles in the United Kingdom.

Research Question.
What is the importance of information technology in an integrated and multidisciplinary healthcare team?

Research Aim and Objectives.
The aim of this research is to understand the benefits of an Integrated Multidisciplinary care team based on patient-centred information technology systems.
Inorder to achieve this aim, the following objectives will have to be attained.
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It provides an integrated continuum of patient care within a diversified and inclusive system of services.
Integrated Multidisciplinary Care.
Integrated care is the combination of methods, processes and tools which directly benefits communities, patients or service users, mostly ‘patient-centred’ and ‘population-oriented’, ensuring services are co-ordinated around patients’ needs. (Goodwin N. and Smith J. 2012). Moreover, it can be judged successful if it contributes to better care experiences and improved care outcomes.
Is essential to meet the requirements of the ageing population, change the way that care is provided for people with long-term conditions and enable people with complex needs to live healthy, satisfying, independent lives (Dixon A. etal 2012).
Intergration focuses on multi-disciplinary teamwork between health and social care professionals (‘horizontal’ integration). According to Drinkwater M., 2008, Multidisciplinary teams consist of employees from numerous different professional backgrounds who have different areas of skills, responding to clients who need of more than one kind of professional.
It is worth mentioning that when there is integration, a multicomponent approach must come in and clinical records must be shared accross the multiprofessional team.
Commentators argue that, technology which supports continuous patient monitoring is a tool for clinical or professional integration while multidisciplinary team work and care co-ordination are tools for service integration. Care co-ordination can be improved by targeting highest risk individuals with the most complex problems.

Integrated care is essential to meet the needs of the ageing population, transform the way that care is provided for people with long-term conditions and enable people with complex needs to
It is clear that adults have enduring mental health conditions. Peoples needs escalate and declines at different times, which can be sudden and unexpected. Some patients need to be reassessd to access services.This wastes time and reduces care effectiveness. Some patients need 5 assessments with different services for their conditions. Therefore, the information system used should be capable of saving some continuity of information and record keeping between...

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