Information System Of Children's Hospital In Los Angeles

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Since some of my relatives are working in the hospital, and I’ve known something inside of it, I would like to talk about the information system implementation in the Children Hospital in Los Angeles.
A hospital information system (HIS), variously also called clinical information system (CIS) is a comprehensive, integrated information system designed to manage the administrative, financial and clinical aspects of a hospital. This encompasses paper-based information processing as well as data processing machines. Here is the things I grabbed from wiki. Basically it explained pretty much about what a information system plays inside of a hospital.
The most important purpose for a hospital using an information system is the access and share the patient information quickly and accurately to ensure surgeons and other healthcare employees could work more efficiently and make better decisions. Because the clinic stored and retrieved data manually, it encountered inaccuracies and time lapses when obtaining vital information. Since then, after they discuss and analysis about the whole old system, they decided to implement a Medical Information Management System, developed by a Microsoft group, together with a team of doctors, nurses, and biochemists. The system is developed entirely on Microsoft technologies, using Microsoft Visual Studio. Net, Microsoft. Net framework and Microsoft SQL server 2000. The solution has improved the accuracy of transcriptions and reduced administration by doctors at least by 40 percent. In addition, patient data is consolidated and instantly available across a range of devices.
Next I will talk about the feasibility of the whole HIS system from 3 major categories, technical, economy, and organization. First, the problem for old system is well suited for designing database systems that will track all patients’ and their therapy information. All patients’ information including everything, doctor’s report and recommendation is recorded on paper and than stored into filing cabinets. The data to be stored by the system is in tabular forms and such forms are well suited to a Relational Database Management System. The hospital was required to purchase Microsoft Visual Studio. Net, Microsoft. Net framework and Microsoft SQL server 2000 at that moment. All these database management systems provide a high level of data integrity, multi user access and an Application Programming Interface to build custom applications to tailor the system to individual needs. Here’s the cost I estimated after over viewing the whole HIS system.
5 System Analyst (200 hours $50/hr) $50,000
10 Programmer/Analyst (125 hours $35/hr) $43,700
2 GUI Designer (100 hours $40/hr) $8,000
2 Telecommunication Specialist (25 hours $50/hr) $2,500
2 System Architect (50 hours $50) $5,000
3 Database Specialist (15 hours $45/hr $2225

And also the project annual operation cost for the CHLA
1 Programmer (125 hours $35/hr) $4,375
1 Administrator (125 hours...

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