Information System Principle Case Study On: City Haven Restaurant

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Table of ContentTitle:Page No:Introduction 3Q1. 4-5Q2. 6-7Q3.8Q4.9Summary10Declaration Statement11Appendix12Reference13IntroductionThe City Haven is a chain of restaurants that are selling "gourmet burgers and spirits". Like many other restaurants City Haven is constantly looking into new ways to save money in terms of operational and other cost. However there is a huge lost in terms of sales in the long run as the nature of their food that could only last for a short period of time. This result in a huge lost in terms of wastage. Besides that, City Haven's outdated menu directly affects their customers leaving them unsatisfied and not making a return purchase.Adding in to the problems above City Haven is facing a tremendous disorder in terms of internal management. Seeking and gathering information related to business strategies such as matching menu's with customers demand or appetite seems to be a huge problem with their management. . In terms of supplies, City Haven faced a tremendous havoc as all their supplies were based on their current menu and therefore this created problems from the storage of sales, inventory, marketing and other operational data were unable or difficult to obtain in time. This lead to a failure in terms of business strategies applied by the managers due to the improper date from sales, inventory and marketing that resulted on the failure to make proper orders in term of quantity from the suppliers.Besides that there was no database linked with the human resource management and caused them failure to assign jobs to their staff. Adding in to that working schedule is planned manually and therefore leads to improper notice to inform their staff on their working hours. Staff's salary was a huge problem as their staff never got their salaries in time as there was no computerized system to monitor staff payroll.Thefore the listed solutions below would enable City Haven to organize their operational structure, to increase the volume of sales and to minimize all internal problems and their management problems in order to succeed as a successful business.Q1. What type of information systems would be most suitable for Red Robin's management?In order to solve the management problems above City Haven should adopt the TPS system or known as Transaction Processing System. Transaction Processing System (TPS) is a type of information system. TPSs collect, store, modify, and retrieve the transactions of an organization. A transaction is an event that generates or modifies data that is eventually stored in an information system. In City Haven's scenario, the TPS system could process data from the sales of burgers, supply expenditure, operational expenditure, customer's data, staff working hours as well as inventory changes. City Haven's objective in using this system is indeed to keep track and constantly be updated regarding customer's information, inventory changes and staff information directly to the organizational database. By...

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