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The business environment today is becoming global, complex and vastly changing. Business and organisations shall need new ideas, techniques and information technology systems to compete effectively in their particular field. Information technology has grown a lot over the past decade growing rapidly with prediction to expand faster every year, with new innovations in software and technology, merging together to create the most efficient and reliable Information systems the world has ever seen.
Nearly every large business and organisation today use Networks to connect their business locally and worldwide through technology such as Computer servers, personal computers (PC), main frame computers, the internet, fax machines and telephone communications. (IT) Information technology and information systems (IS), is a crucial part of any business or organisation in today’s world, it plays a vital role in the activities of business, industry, organisations and education.
The use of IT. Available: “ IT applications are everywhere in the modern business” this is an excellent way for the business to save money and time with the use of software programs like, data base software which may enable fast retrieval of information of an employee working at the company, email software which may be configured to make duplicate emails to send to multiple people at once to save time typing individual emails to every client, spreadsheets for making huge complexes calculations, for instance how much profit has been made how much loss and costing have been made, presentation software e.g. PowerPoint it allows to present to clients or teams in a colourful exciting way, Word processing packages is a fast way of Processing information, writing letters, and other documents.
Stockport College is a large educational organisation, I wanted to see what Information technology and information systems the college had, what this equipment was used for, and what positive or negative way there IT and IS had on the college and weather the college have any future plans for their Information technology and information systems. First I conducted background research on Stockport College to see what Information technology and information systems are used by that organisation. “Stockport College of Further and Higher Education” joined with North Area College in January 2006, The College is now just called Stockport College.
According to the case study Stockport College. Available: “Stockport College had been considering options to update its IT infrastructure”. The user community of at Stockport College is around 12,500 students and staff, the IT infrastructure of the college has grown to around “2,000” Personal Computers and “85 Computer servers”. The priority for Stockport's Information technology department is to provide the best performance from their Personal computers, applications and Network, enabling staff to supply their...

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