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E- Business
Nowadays, information system have been expanded of our daily business life use because in this age of information, definitely every activity in our daily life today requires people to get involved in the use of information systems. It’s very important to have basic understanding of information system and technology in business area, because information system has become corporation of our daily life business activity as marketing, operation management, finance, accounting and any other business function. Information system and technology are fundamental components to be successful in business and organization that they are business imperative because they constitute an important field of study in business administration and management. Furthermore, if we understand information system and their function, first of all we necessitate being clear on the concept of a system. According to (O'Berien & Marakas, 2010, p. 4)”A system is a set of interrelated components, with a clearly defined boundary, working together to achieve a common set of objectives” the simple definition of Information system is all the components and resources required to deliver information and purposes and tasks to the organization. Information system can be any organized combination of communication network, people, hardware, software, retrieves, transforms, data resource and policies and procedure that stores, and disseminates information in an organization. Information technologies, includes internet- based information system, are planning a significant and growing roll in business. As well as, Information technology can assist all type of businesses improve the efficiency and effectively of their business processes, work group collaboration, and managerial decision making. Information technology used to support product development teams, customer support process, e- business transaction, e-commerce transaction and any other business activity. Information technology and system is quite simply an essential ingredient for business success of today’s global environment (O'Berien & Marakas, 2010). In this essay I will illustrate the roll of e- business and how it being used in business activity life.

In the last decades, the rapidity of change in the landscape has continuously accelerated e_ business intimately has been connected to business models since the rise of the internet during the late 1990s (Nielsen & Lund, 2013). The internet have changed the way of business operate and people and also information process support business process, competitive advantage and decision making (O'Berien & Marakas, 2010).

E-business involves several activities including improving business, communication, providing the means to carry out business transactions securely and enhancing. E-business is part of a broader is made up of encompasses all of the involved in using the internet for commerce. In general, the benefit of e- business includes reducing costs and...

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