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Information Systems Paper: Accuracy Of Data Input Is Important. What Method Of Data Input Would Be Best For Each Of The Following Situations And Explain Why:

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Information Systems PaperUniversity of PhoenixCIS/319 Accuracy of data input is important. What method of data input would be best for each of the following situations and explain why:Printed questionnaires- The best method of data input would be a keyboard and mouse. One can enter many types of data and use the mouse to click, drop and drag symbols or other pieces of data that will help develop any specific design one needs. There are also many software programs available to help one design the appropriate format still using the keyboard and mouse.Telephone survey - A voice input device would work well for phone surveys in that one could prepare a specific survey and set up the device for voice recognition. When using voice recognition a person would answer the questions as designed. i.e. the questions may be set up to be multiple choices, so the party answering would have a select amount of choices to choose from. Voice recognitionBank checks - MICR is an input device that would work well for banking documents. The most common use is processing checks. The magnetic ink in encoded with the amount of the check and is processes quickly, read and stored on a disk. Even if the check gets a little mutilated it is common that the magnetic strip is still readable. (Computer Principles, 2006)Retail tags - POS devices are best when wanting to use retail tags to identify the item the store stocks or the customer purchases. The POS device may be a barcode scanner that contains information about a specific item and the cost. This data is entered into the computer system then assigned a bar code that reads all the data specified for the product. This information can help a company keep track of sales of specific items and can also track inventory.Long documents - When inputting data that is very large the best method would be an Optical Data Reader. This type of scanner recognizes characters and with the software that is available the characters can be translated into digital data. (University of Phoenix, 2006). I can think of one place that would truly use this type of input devise and that would be mortgage companies. Many of us have purchased a home during our lifetime and the paper work that is involved in the transactions is extensive so being able to scan documents is an easy way for the company to make changes without having to redo the entire document. Convenience and quality of output are important. Explain what method of output would be best for each of the following situations and explain why:Hand held computer - This output device can be used to transmit information that one may want to send in forms such as an e-mail or text message. A hand held computer can be used remotely to synchronize ones messages, keep and schedule appointments. When traveling on business or pleasure one can always be in touch with anyone, anywhere, because of the computers wireless capabilities. Some hand held computers may have a camera so one can take...

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