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Information Systems Proposal Essay

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Alvino Porter 7/7/14 Information Systems ProposalInformation Systems ProposalAlvino PorterBIS/220Wynell KingTABLE OF CONTENTSScenarioRetail Information SystemMain ServerPoint of Sale (POS) SystemInventory Management SystemPeopleNetworking SystemBenefits and DrawbacksReferencesScenario:Imagine that you and a business partner are considering starting a small, brick & mortar, nostalgic record store. Your friend does not have much experience with information systems or technology, and needs a basic understanding of the different types of information systems available to businesses.Retail Information System:Main Server: Consumer data collection, sales reporting, survey processingPOS (Point Of Sale) System: Tracks and records historical and up-to-date financial dataInventory Management System: Collects, records, and tracks inventory of merchandisePeople: Offering a wide variety of task to include monitoring, service, and maintaining information systems.Networking systems: Allows fast and efficient transfer of information to include processing online orders, hiring and recruitingBenefits and Drawbacks:Main Server: Some of the benefits of having and using a server in your business would be (1) File Management. With file management you would be able to store the documents your company needs in one space for all workers to be able to access it, versus having a lot of paper work to keep up with as well as keeping it organized which can be very time consuming. (2) Security. With having a server, you are able to control certain information that can be sensitive allowing only the people to view the information only if you choose so. You are also able to view the day-to-day functions of other PC's as well as getting daily updates on the health of your PC's and servers. (3) Performance. Your PC's are more equipped for access to applications as well as files to be retrieved more quickly. A couple of drawbacks would be loss of information such as employee information (social security numbers, address, and phone numbers to name a few) if the main server was to go down. Security breaches and hackers are another down fall sensitive information could possibly breached.POS System: Some of the benefits of having and using a POS in your business would be (1) Reports and Analysis. With POS, you are able to print out daily reports of sales by register. (2)Inventory. With a POS, you are able to sort and view your inventory through different fields, I.E. department, item, or color to name a few. You are also able to track suppliers as well as set an alert to let you know when it is time to reorder an item. (3)Purchasing. Purchasing with the right POS will give you the help and ability to refresh items efficiently and could possible help to negotiate lower costs from your vendors. You would also be able to view your backorders as well print aging reports for open orders. Some drawbacks would be, just how safe is the POS?...

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