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After discussing the article IT Doesn’t Matter, our group does not agree with the bold argument that Mr. Carr sets forth in his article that information technologies will eventually lose their power and value. Although information technology advancements may become more intermittent as we move into the future, it is still one of the top priorities for many businesses right now. As long as there are problems, there will always be new technologies or ideas created to address them. Mr. Carr wrote this article in 2003, before the brink of much new advancement in technologies Mr. Carr did not take into account our society’s need and want for new technologies.
Essentially, necessity is the mother of invention. Technology will only diminish in power if we as a society have no need or want for it anymore. This is hard to imagine in a society so focused on having the next best thing. In his article, it is almost as if Mr. Carr is stating that businesses who create information technologies have met all the needs and wants we will ever want met. Mr. Carr uses the example of how information technology will be much like electricity in the fact that eventually it will become a commodity. But this is not true, because information technology is always changing. Today, almost as an instinct, we are constantly looking for new solutions or more efficient or easy ways of doing things. We are very reactionary in how we create innovations. As we have the need to adapt to nature or problems from past technologies, we are constantly evolving and updating ourselves to the unforeseen future. Also, nothing lasts or works forever. Eventually a new advancement in technology will need to be created to fix the problems that arose in the old or outdated technology.
Information technology has played a convincing role in achieving the development goals that has always been a debatable topic. It’s a resource that is been used by many companies to compare their turnover and human resources. Strategic planning in business organization is an essential exercise that strain one’s own ideas and innovations. The strategic planning cannot be outsourced or cannot be conceded to other companies. Even John Nicholls builder Ltd, a Cornish building firm required a programming stage that was flexible and had a proper planning from the beginning .They using the bottom up approach which required consulting the prospective users, worked on the completion of project. The management group also played a vital role in switching from old to new system. Because of the availability of the required solutions and suitable software packages, it was feasible to collaborate them through developed internet and database system thus now they have a strong management controls and have easy access to information that now enables them to work in an effective and efficient way. Hence due to analysis and access to more accurate information, the management can now work on long term...

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