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Information Technology And Its Impact Essay

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Known as information technology the use of computers and electronic computers to manage , process and share information , it is a tool that helps in daily life taking information almost anywhere and anytime . You only need to access internet or having commonly .
This tool not only provides you with the information it contains , we can download it and have it stored on your computer or mobile device, you can also open the downloaded information , to edit or share , that facilitates communication and learning. Currently I think it can not be a society that is not soaked by technological advances , since the necessities that range from the most basic , such as physiological , to the most complex , and the management of economic and military resources .
More and more children and teens around the world especially in urban areas know how to use ICT ( Information and Communication ) , have facilities on them but do not reflect on them
" Information society , knowledge society ", this phrase makes us think that when a person seeks information obtained knowledge , a teaching, a knowledge . And information technology allows us to have this knowledge closer, quickly and easily from any mobile device anytime , anywhere, without going too far just enough to connect to the internet and find what you want to know , maybe so so we could have a more educated and smarter if we have the tools necessary to achieve society , and if given proper use privilege granted to us by technology .
It is unlikely to be an individual without technology, unless it is isolated from society . We search technology to not isolate . The technology is useless if there is no society. So there is someone who would serve the technology does not make sense .
Using technology also saves time as being almost anywhere you can research all concerning one or more issues , a service or object, etc. . Without having to leave home or site we found , just enough to grab the fixed computer or laptop , or just your mobile device , that has Internet access . Using this medium can also find companies that offer us various services , schools, doctors, very famous social networking , and even a job , it allows us to communicate to the other side of the world with just one e- mail helps us to get somewhere fast in specific directions through electronic maps , in short, the technology through the Internet and electronic devices (computer, phone, tablet, etc. . ) has allowed us to make way for a new social life in the which there are multiple benefits because people have a job thanks to the Internet or online , give us improvements in the quality of education, because thanks to this can be done faster and better quality jobs for classes or programs such tasks including here such as Microsoft Office , Power Point, Excel , just maybe mention the most popular turn thanks to technology and knowledge of the people has been improving day by day until these...

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