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Information Technology And Small Business Essay

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AbstractInformation technology can play an important role in helping a small business to succeed. By investing in appropriate equipment and technology, a small business operator can grow productivity and reach new markets. Learning about technologies is important. Planning for acquisition and upgrade of equipment and technology is important. Understanding the useful economic life of equipment and planning for upgrades in line with your business strategy should be built into business planning and future financial outlays.Information Technology and Small BusinessWEB PLANEvery Web plan has to fit the needs and situation. You must be able to customize your Web planto fit your Company plan. The Web plan should always have a market analysis, website strategy,specific development plan, sales forecast, and expense budget.* Market Analysis: Normally a Web plan will start (after an executive summary) with amarket analysis, this should be a fundamental part of any business effort. Plans shouldalmost always set the context in terms of the benefits offered to a specific targetpopulation. The market analysis will normally include a target market analysis, marketresearch, and a market forecast.* Website Strategy: This should include the strategic focus, mission and objectives,development strategy and Web marketing strategy.* Sales (or benefits) Forecast: One important point on Web planning is that not allwebsites produce sales, but all should have some business or organizational benefits, likesales. Maybe this is reduced cost, increased customer satisfaction, leads generation, orcommunity communication. Whatever the target benefits, sales or not, they should be putinto numbers and projected into the future. For practical reasons, we refer to this as sales.The plan should include enough detail to track sales month by month and follow up onplan-vs.-actual analysis. Normally a plan will also include specific benefits as sales, costreduction or other benefits in concrete terms, such as by product, by Web section, by usertype, by manager responsibilities and other elements. The forecast alone is a bare minimum.* Expense Budget: This ought to include enough detail to track expenses month by monthand follow up on plan-vs.-actual analysis. Normally a plan will also include specific Webdevelopment...

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881 words - 4 pages years ago. We can talk face to face with people while being continents apart, we can find information we need at the touch of a couple of buttons, and in return have become more productive, proficient, reliable, and better planners. Because we have increased our productivity, and improved our performance due to the technology, we have become more profitable as a result.Resources:Ebert, R.J., & Griffen, R.W. (2005) Business essentials (5th ed.) Upper Saddle River, NJ, Prentice Hall.Rooster Graphics International. (2000). Internet use by small business. Retrieved September 29, 2006, from Rooster Graphics website: