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Best Practices 1Making The Best of Best PracticesScott J. McbrideITM 423Dr. WangMay 5, 2008Best Practices 2The expectations for technology are set in a challenging federal and civil environment. Lets analyze the Federal budget, Increasingly, pressure is being brought to bear on shrinking the size of the federal deficit, not only by reducing spending but by getting better service for lower ongoing costs. IT-related obligations in the federal budget, exceeding $25 billion annually, may be put under increasing scrutiny as part of overall discretionary spending.Technology itself is evolving at a rapid pace. The IT industry reports on this issue are consistent. Every few years, the performance-to-price ratio of computer hardware doubles. New product cycles in the information technology industry now average months rather than years. This rapid evolution produces new challenges (such as the security of global networks) before current problems can be fully resolved, such as the replacement of aging, legacy systems that can no longer meet requirements.Best practices are defined, as those practices that are beneficial to a particular company, what works for one organization, may not work for another. The military services structure future training programs around training mistakes and inefficiency. Essentially, the manicured training program becomes so efficient it is then adopted into doctrine for service-wide implementation. For example, all the services train recruits on techniques for shooting a weapon system through internet technology by scientifically simulating weapon characteristics, fields of fire, firing, and posture. However, the actual live fire techniques on the range itself between the Army and the Marine Corps. differ entirely. Again, those practices that are beneficial to a particular company, what works for one organization, may not work for another.Best Practices 3The purpose of documented practices is to identify skills set which help formulate and execute best practices in IT Project Management.these best practices are the culmination of individual survey results, personal experiences, academic lectures, and literature review (Cal, pg 4).The promise of new information technologies is compelling in the federalenvironment where aging systems prevail that are often ill-designed for changing business or mission requirements. There are inherent risks associated with not acting to address these technology deficiencies, including potential operational disruptions to vital government services such as air traffic control, income tax collection, and benefit payments to recipients of...

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