Information Technology Impact Of Ict On The Social Community.

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IntroductionI am studying ICT in Solihull. This includes Touchwood and the surrounding area. I will be talking about the impact of ICT in the community with GPS in transport, how it is useful and how it can be a bad thing. I will also be concentrating on security (CCTV and Speed Cameras); and finally communication using ICT based ways, e.g. Libraries and Internet Cafes.TransportICT has recently been improved in the community because there have been complaints from the travelling public that services, like buses, don't arrive on time. Or they would be waiting for an hour, and then three buses come at once. No information was displayed about whether the service delayed or cancelled at bus stops/train stations. Therefore they don't know how long they will have to wait. Also passengers don't know the duration of their journey when on the bus/train stations.GPS in Transport:In buses (and some trains), it has a GPS (Global Positioning System). All the buses are fitted with a sensor that sends its signal to a satellite in space; this relays the signal to the bus stop or trains station where map software uses the distance between the transport and the bus or train stations to calculate the ETA (Estimates Time of Arrival). This is then displayed on a LED screen. This system is in real time and is updated at regular intervals.GPS Evaluation:The advantages to this are that the information is current so people will know how long to wait for a bus, this way they can be more efficient, e.g. if a bus is supposed to arrive in 5 minutes, but the ETA is 20 minutes; people can do something else, like getting a drink or going or a severe shops.There are disadvantages to this system though. It's only ETA, which means that a bus might be round the corner and only five minutes away and that is what is displayed; however if its in a crash severe traffic jam, then it could be another hour or two before another bus comes along, but this wouldn't be displayed on the LED screen. Another problem is the price; people are complaining that they have to pay more on buses with GPS. People with financial difficulties may especially find this a problem. However most people are not as bothered as they are more in control and know (approximately) when the bus will arrive. Senior citizens are the getting the most out of everyone as they don't have to pay anything to use public transport, and they get the added addition of the GPS.A different technique you could use is something like an intercom. This would be good because the driver inform the waiting public himself; he can alert people of any accidents or the traffic situation at the present time. However it could be harder to estimate the time of arrival from the bus drivers' point of view. Another way in which an LED screen is better is by the fact that it shows the situation of where the bus is all the time, where as intercom updates would be made at regular intervals.The best way would be to combine both GPS and an intercom...

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