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Information Technology Shop Systems. Essay

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Information technology - Shop systems.


Background to the topic:

I visited my local video and music store and after an interview with
the manager I suggested there might be a better and more efficient way
to manage their records. The better way would be to be to use a
computerized system through the use of excel. My main task would be to
create a new system which would be much better than their current
system at organising records and storing records.

The main reason for me choosing a video, and music shop was that these
days people would rather spend a certain amount of money on buying a
certain video so that they can watch it at their will instead of
having to pay a certain amount of money on going to see the film in
the cinema and paying a certain amount of money whenever they wanted
to see it.

The business is currently located on Wembley High Road. It currently
employs 30 members of staff but

Statement of Problem:

The old system was a very basic and simple system where the person on
the counter would write in a book the name, format and amount of the
video and then he would write the member name and member number of the
person renting the video. The customer would then sign the book.
However on more than one occasion the book got lost and the store lost
thousands of pounds in lost videos and faced a very big battle with
the IRS over tax and audits. The video store had no way of making a
complete backup of the book as it was always being updated but with a
computerised system it is possible to replace an older file on a CD
with the corresponding updated one.

However with the new system, none of these problems exist. The new
system would be fully computerized and would allow the store to make
backup copies very easily. The rental records could be easily checked
as they could be viewed in alphabetical order, in date due order or in
membership number order … this makes it easier for the store to see
the same data in several different perspectives. This can be done by
sorting the data in excel. There would be no need to record data in a
book as by recording the data in excel you would be able to create a
system where the data is updated when you a video in returned and
therefore it means there is always an up to date list which can be...

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