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Informational Systems Proposal Summary Essay

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Informational System Proposal SummaryIntroductionThe following proposal summary has been prepared by the Information Technology (IT) team describing a new information system required by our Advanced Services Network Consulting Engineers (NCEs). The information provided has been summarized and is intended to provide an overview of the proposed project.Executive SummaryWithin our organization we have a group of Network Consulting Engineers (NCEs) that provide Planning, Design, Implementation, and Operational (PDIO) services to contracted enterprise and service provider clients. On a number of recent occasions, it has come to light that one NCE is struggling with a design or planning issue that ...view middle of the document...

These requirements were considered in the selection of the proposed information system.The proposed information system provides for the following:A flexible "form" for data entryA sophisticated search methodologyAccessible via a web browserSimple administrative capabilitiesCapability to "revise" data base entriesBackup and archiving capabilityMaintains statistics of hits to database recordsBusiness RequirementsThe IT team assembled and reviewed all data and documentation available on the current processes and tools in use by the NCE team today. In doing so we discovered some specific deficiencies that can be addressed in the proposed solution. At this time, we have neither formal procedures nor tools for cataloging and storing NCE design solutions for future reference. This means the NCEs are duplicating some of their efforts. This duplication of effort is causing an increase in solution design time and support costs as well as losing best practices information among NCEs. To mitigate these issues the following business requirements have been designed into the proposed information system:A data base to store design solutions as they are completed and implementedThe ability for the NCE to perform keyword solutions againsthe data base to identify previously developed and implemented solutions.A web based application to access the database.Functionality that includes adding new solutions, modifying existing solutions, collaborattion on designs in progress, and the ability to delete obsolete designsThe system will also provides statistics and reporting capabilities to monitor database usage and performanceSee Appendix A for a Return on Investment (ROI) analysisInformation System Process FlowThe proposed system will be accessed via a secure web site with a login and password. As the site is for corporate communication, the servers can reside within the network and with external access provided through VPN, also making the site more secure. Once the NCEs log on to the site, they will be able to enter or access design information entries and supporting documentation. Access to the system will also be given to project managers and higher management so they can keep abreast of the progress of various solutions based on the information the NCEs enter into the system. Also, through the site the NCEs will have the ability to enter specific and detailed solution architectures including the specific hardware, connectivity, network topologies, and backbone appliances used in their solutions. This will further enhance the database by creating a knowledge base to be shared by other NCEs, TAC, and management. By using metatags and keywords associated to the entry, the database can be queried for specific solutions to be brought up for reference. As NCEs continue to enter solutions into the system, the growth of the database will yield more information and will result in a very extensive library of solutions. Following is a slide that depicts the business...

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