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Informative Essay: German Culture: Facts, Customs And Traditions

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Come drink a Bit burger and eat a delicious wiener schnitzel in Germany! Germany is just slightly smaller than the state of Montana in the United States. In addition, Germany is located in central Europe and borders the North Sea and Baltic Sea in the Netherlands and, Poland. The culture built around Germany has a foundation of Art, Literature, Sports, Food, and Music. In addition, Germany’s torn past over war of its modern day is very different form our own, but is very similar in many other ways. However to truly understand the unique culture of Germany, one must know the origin of the unique Art’s, Literature, Sports, Food and, Music, that Germany is known for.

Germany has many interesting facts. Germans wear their wedding rings on their right hand instead of the left hand as it is in the United States. German students go to school 220 days a year instead of 180 like United States students do. They also have a 500-year purity law that is regarding to their beer. This law makes it where Germany can only have hops, malt, yeast, and water in their beer. In Germany, they allow their animals in restaurants, churches, and other public places. When eating, do not put your left hand in your lap they consider that as looking like your feeding the dog. Germans do a lot of bicycle riding all around there country and, it is one of their favorite recreations. These are many interesting facts about Germany and the people of Germany. Culture and lifestyle in Germany is not quite, as it is in the United States. Germany is a very small country with some of the best cuisines. Foods that are most associated with Germany are Sauerkraut and Bratwurst, with a pitcher of lager. These traditional foods hold special meanings to the hearts of many Germanys out there. However, food in Germany will have a variety of styles as you go through the regions of Germany. Wines and, beer are famous all over the world, which leads to the popular German social gathering at an outdoor beer or wine garden or cellar restaurant.

In Germany schools is a little different from the schools in the United States. From the age of 6 through 14, school is mandatory, and in public state-run schools, it is free. The school system in Germany is a little different from in America’s school system. All children enter in the same program, but at the age of 10, they can go to one of four different types of schools. The way that they enter school determines whether they will go to a university or enter a technical field or trade field. Colleges in Germany are very difficult to get into. They require you to have a high school diploma and, a GPA that is equivalent to 60% of your grade. These requirements just stated will allow you to get into the lowest level of college that they have to offer. There school system goes on programs that help you get a degree in a specific field. Once you enter a program at the school, you must finish it. It is not like our school...

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