Informative Essay On Sir Alex Ferguson, Manager Of Manchester United

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Sir Alex Ferguson has won more trophies than any other manager in the history of English football and been in charge of Manchester United for over 1000 matches (“Alex Ferguson, n.d., para. 1). Sir Alex Ferguson is a successful football manager for four reasons: his ambition, the way he builds relationships with his players, his effective building up of the Manchester United squad and his foresight.The top reason for Sir Alex Ferguson’s successful managerial career has to be his ambition. A man with an almost obsessive desire to win, Ferguson does not take defeat lightly – to the point of becoming unapproachable after a bad game for Manchester United (Ridley, 1996, p. 27).After a defeat, Ferguson will analyse the match to find out exactly what went wrong. An example of a match analysis can be found in his book “The Ultimate Treble”. After a 3-1 defeat to Sheffield Wednesday, he wrote that United could not afford to underperform and that it must never allow its standards to fall (Ferguson & Meek, 2000, p. 61). It is common knowledge that players who do not perform well are subjected to Ferguson’s infamous “hairdryer treatment”, in which he stands in front of the player and shouts in his face (Ryan, 2002, para. 3).Sir Alex Ferguson is not one to rest on his laurels. He once said that “[f]lash-in-the-pan achievements, such as some good runs in cup competitions, with perhaps the odd winning appearance in a final, could never satisfy [him].” (Ferguson & McIlvanney, 1999, p. 242) Ferguson’s intention after his European cup triumph was to build a side that could repeat their success again and again and dominate Europe, just like Real Madrid (Hildred & Ewbank, 2002, p. 282). And perhaps Ferguson’s desire to see Manchester United win again and again could be summed up by David Beckham: “If any manager is going to make sure players don’t get distracted by dwelling on the past, it’s Alex Ferguson.” (Beckham & Watt, 2003, p. 93)The second reason for Sir Alex Ferguson’s success is the relationship he has built with his players. He builds this relationship in two ways – player motivation and player management.Sir Alex Ferguson uses motivation to great effect. Keane recalls in his biography that the first question Ferguson asks the team before every season is whether they want to win any trophies. Ferguson then goes on to say that he does and asks the team if they share his ambition (Hildred & Ewbank, 2002, p. 328). No Manchester United player could possibly fail to deliver after such a rousing call to action. When Manchester United found themselves one goal down at half-time during their European Cup Final match against Bayern Munich in 1999, Ferguson said one sentence which put the spark back into the team: “Remember that the only way you will get to put your hands on the European Cup is if you win it.” (Ferguson & Meek, 2000, p. 160)...

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