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Informative InterviewLa Pa Bebe CompanyInterview conducted with Director of Marketing - Ms. Margaret WhitmoreQ. WHO RUNS THE LA PA BEBE COMPANY?A. Partners Anthony Spet and Monica Green run La Pa Bebe Co. Mr. White is the President and CEO of La Pa Bebe while Monica Green is the leading designer and creative director. Both partners founded La Pa Bebe to celebrate parenting by providing innovative, timesaving baby's dressing solutions for today's growing families. The company offers a wide selection of the very best handmade merchandise that is easy to wear for your baby, fits consumer's personality and the way of life.Q. WHY DO YOU SELL ONLY HANDCRAFTED ITEMS?A. La Pa Bebe is everything a baby collection should be: whimsical, adorable, and unique. The company believes that newborns are precious, and they deserve the best. There is something extra nice about receiving a gift that is handmade. The company wants to provide with the best quality of products that consumer could find, made by the best artisans. La Pa Bebe believes that their products will be treasured for years to come because they are made by hand.Q. DO YOU DO CUSTOM ORDERS? - HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET THE ORDER? CAN CONSUMER PLACE A CUSTOM ORDER FOR A DESIGN NOT AVAILABLE IN THE STORE?A. Most of custom orders take up to 4 weeks. The company uses a longer delivery date so that none of La Pa Bebe's customers will be disappointed. Personalized orders that are not available in store will take a little longer. There is a rush service available for a small fee.Q. WHAT AGE GROUP DO YOU HAVE YOUR COLLECTIONS FOR?A. La Pa Bebe is a resource for parents of newborn babies to 12 months in purchasing hand made and easy to wear baby's merchandise. The company is dedicated to help consumers find the right merchandise and offers support if needed during shopping.Q. HOW DOES THE COMPANY PRODUCE THESE GOODS?A. After extensive research of hand knit manufactures overseas and in the United States, La Pa Bebe decided to make their merchandise in Canada. The company learned about the quality of work the certificated professionals provide and believes that Canadian make their best effort on every single one of the products they produce. Canadian's are proud of their craftsmanship and quality.Q. WHAT GOODS DOES THE COMPANY OFFERES?A. La Pa Bebe's provides merchandise from yarn which is produced in US and Canada only. Merchandise is made of 100% cotton or acrylic. Merchandise is made of soft and warm yarns that provide comfort and luxury to the...

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