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Informative Movies Essay

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As a digital Cinema student, I have learned a lot about the different types of movies that are created every year and what makes them successful, and unsuccessful. With this bit of insight, I have discovered that I take a strong interest and drive for documentary films. I find them to be meaningful, and more productive than other types of movies. Some documentaries are created to expose the reality of the world for what it is, and I think that with everything going on in this world, that is effective and necessary. It was not until this year that I was able to actually compose some short documentary films myself, and I found that I really enjoy it.
I watched the movie Food Inc, a film devoted to exposing the reality of the agriculture production. Directed by Robert Kenner, he was successful in highlighting that meat and vegetables made by our type of enterprise are unhealthy and damaging to the environment. I find it a very inspirational and informative movie that allowed me to think critically about what I buy. The information that was addressed and exposed helped me learn more about the food industry and how it works. They also included a segment in the movie about a woman who had lost her son to e coli. It centered on her struggle, and her determination to send out awareness about the people who run these factories are not careful and clean when packaging the meat that is in our super markets. The movie sums up a lot of aspects, but I think a lot of it is this idea that we trust what is put on the shelves for us to buy, when really we should not. We should question it, and be given the truth. This movie allowed me to create my own short documentary about the brand, “Great Value” that is sold in Wal-mart stores. I thought I would work with the basic point and shoot camera that had the option to video record. As a result, my shots were not steady, and they had some bad quality to them, which gave it more of a documentary type feeling that supported my idea. I think it is important that people are informed about the bad results of supporting this brand, so I created a video expressing the truth behind this “great” brand. Most of my shots are zooming in and out of the shelves within the store, with a few that have a person interacting with the products, or just every day I thought this variety would help show the viewer the differences in the choices they can make. With all the shots, I incorporated a voice over discussing the issue at hand. This was the most important aspect of my video, because it...

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