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Orange Juice Geography
Grace Manchester
AP Human Geography
The Geography of a Breakfast Food
Orange Juice Geography
Grace Manchester
AP Human Geography
The Geography of a Breakfast Food
Oranges are grown processed all over the world to create a breakfast favorite
Orange Juice.
Orange Juice and its oranges are produced all over the world with over sixty-five
million produced a year. Countries like Brazil, The United States, Mexico, India and
China are main orange producers in the world (“Orange Juice”). These countries all
have a similar humid and subtropical climate which allow oranges to grow most of the
year or all of the year in some cases.
Tropicana Orange Juice grows there oranges in The United States, specifically
Florida (“Tropicana”). Florida has the warm and wet climate that oranges need to grow
for most of the year. Along with the warm climate, the trees grow well in rich soil.
Compost, peat moss and fertilizers are not recommended for these plants it will
increase foliage and little flowers and fruit. Although fertilizers are not recommended,
after the trees have been given time to grow the addition of scratch citrus fertilizer can
be used if necessary.
Florida has five hundred thirty-five thousand, one hundred acres of land that
produces oranges (Townsend).
Most of the farms are large
corporate farms that farm for
certain companies like Tropicana.
Most of the groves are privately
owned and sell their oranges to
companies to process. Normally
Orange Juice Geography
Grace Manchester
AP Human Geography
The Geography of a Breakfast Food
groves are associated to one company but, large companies do not actually do the
growing of the fruit themselves. They take care of all the processing and everything
after the oranges are picked (“Orange Juice”). Although orange groves use to be very
small they have grown, and now are very large and have many trees lined for acres.
Normally about one hundred fifty to about one hundred seventy-five full grown trees an
acre. With large groves comes the need for many workers. The work done on the
groves is mostly picking due to being a delicate food it has to be hand picked. About
ninety-nine percent oranges grown in Florida are handpicked therefore lots of workers
are needed. Florida is a border country and brings in many migrants. Most of the
pickers are migrant workers that come everyday in on big buses and pick all the fruit for
the land owners (Charles). For landowners migrant workers are cheaper and not many
citizens do want to be orange pickers if they have better opportunities (Charles).
Orange trees grow to be about twenty feet tall. Before they are big fruit
producing trees they have to be nurtured and carefully grown. Orange trees are
nurtured by smaller farms for about seven years before being transferred or sold to
grooves where the trees are producing lots of fruit. Those seven years are very
important because if the trees are taken care of correctly, and not feed any...

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