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This informative speech is talking about the effect of caffeine on human body. At the beginning, the speech explains that caffeine can be absorbed by human body in only 30 to 35 minutes after consuming. Then, the speech explains that caffeine can be found not only in coffee but also in energy drink, chocolate, candy bar, and some certain medicine. On the next part, the speech describe that caffeine can affect the three major systems in human body. The first one is the nervous systems. Consuming caffeine can increase the rate to send impulses in the nervous system. In the other word, the process of sending messages can be done quicker. This is one of the good effects of caffeine in our body. The second one is the cardiovascular systems. Caffeine gives a bad effect in our cardiovascular systems by raising the blood pressure and takes a part in building up fatty acid in the heart. That fatty acid can cause blood clot that ...view middle of the document...

In addition, she also brings an interesting topic and presents it well. In this speech, the speaker chooses to speak from memory as her methods of delivery. Instead of using note cards, the speaker memorizing a manuscript word for word. As the speaker using this method, she did not maintain a good eye contact with the listeners. It is true that the speaker did looking at the listeners all the time. Yet, we can see that she has a vacant stare and looks like she puts all of her concentration to remember the next lines. The other drawback of this method is the difficulty to react to the listener feedback because the speaker afraid if she will forget the next sentences. As the book said, any deviation from the practiced speech could cause the speaker to lose concentration and forget the memorized material (Hamilton). However, I love the way she deliver the materials. She looks confident and relaxed by looking directly at the listeners and smile occasionally. In addition, the speaker dress in a professional manner which I think this is one of the indicators for the credibility aspect. As for the content of her speech, I like her introduction. She uses good attention getter in the beginning and mentions several researches as the base of her arguments. In my opinion, the speaker successfully establishes her credibility in the beginning of the speech.
Overall, she did a great job in presenting her informative materials. Perhaps, she will do better if she chooses to speak using visual aids as her methods of delivery. By using this method, the speaker can manage her eye contact with the listeners. In addition, this method will help the speaker to speak with a natural voice and sound conversational. In the video, we can see that the speaker sounds like she is reading a manuscript. As for content, I think she needs to add the definition of caffeine in the beginning. She did mention that the speech will cover the definition of caffeine, caffeine in the daily diet, and the systems that will be affected by caffeine. However, she skips the definition part and jumps to the next part. Nonetheless, her speech is good because it cover all of the requirements of informative speech.

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