Informative Speech: The Dog Whisperer

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Specific Purpose Statement: To inform my audience about Cesar Millan, also know as the Dog Whisperer

I. Cesar Millan is the Dog Whisperer, the star of National Geographic Show with the same name. He rehabilitates dogs and trains people. It is all about energy. You communicate energy all the time.
II. We have a lot to learn from Dogs. Dogs are pack oriented. His methods with the dog/human pack are easy when you understand the world from a dog’s point of view. Energy is how the human side works.
III. Have you seen a dog jumping all over his owners or his guests when arriving back at the house after a short trip? Is that a dog that is glad to see them? Actually, not altogether, this dog loves them, is not a sign of a happy dog. This shows dominance and confusion. Did you know if you lavish them with emotion and affection at this time you showing them you are a follower?
IV. From watching the shows, reading his book, which is on the New York Times best seller list, and perusing newspaper articles on line I have learned why his Dog Psychology works. I have learned to admire his heart toward people and dogs.
V. I will share with you a little about Cesar, next dogs need to be balanced and happy; last I will share some success stories.
I. A little about Cesar Millan from his book “Cesar’s Way” Published Sept 2006
A. His beginnings and his big dream
1. In 1990 Cesar comes to the U.S. at 21 with 100 dollars and a dream to be the best Dog trainer in the World. He was known as the dog boy in Mexico at 13.
2. He started his career in the a groomer and saved his money. In ten years he buys the Dog Psychology Center in Los Angeles.
3. While at the groomers, he gains a reputation for his talent with dogs and now has achieved mainstream notoriety. Celebrities, Columnists and even City hall really enjoy this guy.
4. The dog psychology Center holds 30-50 dogs at a time. ½ are regulars that are boarded there and the other ½ are psychologically damaged dogs to be rehabilitated and find homes.

B. Dog psychology, the dynamics from his book and episodes of “Dog Whisperer”
1. A dog’s nature is to follow or they will lead. Like his grandfather says you can’t work against Mother Nature.
2. Dogs will follow only calm assertive leadership energy or they will exhibit unwanted behavior.
3. Dogs want to be in a calm submissive state of mind and balance.
4. They need consistent exercise, discipline and affection in that order. No frame of mind like anxiety, nervousness or aggression is natural.
5. Dogs don’t hold grudges, don’t take correction personally, move toward balance readily and live in the moment. They never need to be harmed in any way to get them to adapt.
II. Rosemary a story from the book Cesar’s Way

A. Rosemary an abused pit bull mix, her owner raised her to fight. She lost an important fight. The owner...

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