Informative Speech: Mohamed Soltan Rutgers University/ Fundamentals Of Speech Assignment

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Informative Speech Outline
Topic: The recent imprisonment of Mohamed Soltan and his current life status.
Specific Purpose: To deliver perception on how Mohamed Soltan became one of the most popular activists known today due to his involvement in Egyptian politics.
Thesis Statement: He was just a person who was living his life normally and advocating for the rights of the Egyptian citizens, but that all changed when he was taken in by the military and unrightfully imprisoned for speaking what’s on his mind.
I. How would you feel if you are walking in the streets of Egypt standing side by side to thousands of protesters supporting the cause, then your whole life flashes before your eyes? Walking with your family and friends, you get shot, tortured, imprisoned, and then sentenced to life in prison.
II. Mohamed Soltan is an American-Egyptian human rights advocate.
· He was born in Egypt on November 14, 1988. At the age 7, he moved to the United States where he lived in Boston for a few years. The Soltan family moved to different states such as Kansas and Michigan over the years and finally resided in Columbus, Ohio. During this time, he earned dual citizenship for both Egypt and the United States.
· Mohamed Soltan has four siblings and he is the second eldest. He lives a peaceful and loving life with them.
III. Mohamed Soltan’s father, Salah Soltan, is a famous Islamic Scholar also known for his involvement in politics. Besides politics, he took the initiative to teach in many Islamic Educational institutions such as Al-Azhar in Cairo, Egypt. Additionally, he authored over 80 books such as Women’s Inheritance in Islam.
· Just like his son, he is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, also known to be an Islamist (Extremist) group. However, his family confirmed it multiple times that he is not involved with them.
IV. Mohamed Soltan attended Ohio State University and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Politics.
Transition: Following his graduation in 2012, Mohamed returned to Egypt to deal with his mother’s cancer treatment. This is where his journey in Egypt took an unexpected turn.
I. While monitoring his mother’s treatment, he made a decision to work in Egypt in order to provide for his family. He worked as a business manager for a petroleum service center company called EPSCO.
Transition: During this time in Egypt, Mohamed Morsi was the President of Egypt. He was the first democratically elected president. He was known to be a member of the Islam-based organization, the Muslim Brotherhood long before he was elected as President. His historical ties with such an association led to his impeachment as President in 2013 and was taken in by Egypt’s armed forces.
I. President Mohamed Morsi was nowhere to be found, so many protests and riots took place in the streets of Egypt. With all the chaos and issues in the Government, a man named Abdelfattah el Sisi took it upon himself to dictate the country without any elections taking place...

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