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Informative Speech: The American Red Cross Club At State University

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Topic: The American Red Cross Club at State University is group that organizes blood drives, and thinks of creative ways to motivate people do donate blood.

Purpose Statement: Check out the flyer, stop in at a meeting, or search for us online, to find out how to sign up.

Audience Analysis:
1. Demographics: People who wish to donate blood will need to be at least 17 years of age and weighing no less than 110 pounds. If one is interested in joining the American Red Cross Club, they will need to be a current MSU student.
2. Psychographics: Just about anybody could be interested in in donating blood or joining the club. Giving blood can potentially save someone’s life, which may grab ...view middle of the document...

We all are capable of saving lives, which is why we should donate a little of our blood to the American Red Cross Society.
2. Thesis Statement: Every day, there is someone is in desperate need of blood. Blood cannot be man made, so the only way to receive it is from volunteers like you and I.
3. Preview Statement: Today, I will give you reasons on why you should donate blood to the American Red Cross Club, and how it can benefit others.
1. The American Red Cross Club is a club here at Michigan State University that organizes events for the American Red Cross Society to come to our campus and set up stations where people can donate blood.
2. Hopefully, after visiting our web page and viewing the flier, you will want to donate blood and potentially save a life.
B. Need/Problem Step: The problem that donating blood to the American Red Cross Society solves is the blood shortage that we face worldwide. In the U.S. alone, 4.5 million people would die every year without blood transfusions. "BNL Blood Drives: 56 Facts." Most of the blood that is donated goes towards cancer patients. I’m sure everyone in this room has a loved one who has been affected from this horrible disease. With cancer rates rising, more blood donations are needed to help win the fight against cancer.
a. Main Point #1: The process of donating blood is quick and simple. It can be done within four steps and will at most take one hour. The requirements are easy to meet, so most people are able to do it.
i. Sub-point: There are only a few requirements you must meet in order to donate blood. First, you must be a healthy individual who is at least 16 years of age. Also, one who wishes to donate must weigh above 110 pounds.
ii. Sub-point: One of the four steps of becoming a blood donor includes registration. You can register either online, by phone, or a walk in appointment. Next, they will ask you some questions about your medical history, to figure out weather or not you are eligible to donate. If eligible, a nurse will take you to a booth, where you will lye on a medical bed as they take a will take up to 1 pint of blood. They finish up the process by giving you refreshments, such as juice and crackers to bring up your blood sugar.
Transition Sentence: After hearing how easy and important donating blood is, you may think to yourself, why doesn’t everyone do it?
b. Main Point #2: According to Debbie Peters of “,” many do not consider donating because of their personal fear of needles. Some people also think, “others are already donating enough blood, so there is no point.”
i. Sub-point: Personally, I use to suffer from something called vasovagal, which is a phobia of needles and or blood. Every time I would be around either of the two, my blood pressure would dramatically drop, causing me to faint instantly. This is very common for people to have, and as you get older, you usually grow out of it. The first time I donated blood, I was terrified, of just the...

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