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Inglorious Basterds Essay

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As time goes on, history has a way of getting distorted from its most truthful form. Time causes people to drift away from accuracy and become more interested in what they want to remember. Hollywood has a reputation of creating films that cater more to the average viewer, rather than the history buff. Inglorious Basterds, by Quentin Taratino, take very liberal liberty with a history story, and creates a story that will sell to the crowd. This may seem dubious, but it is often not such a bad thing. Hollywood can take a story that may have one connotation, may it be serious or dreary, and turn it into something that evokes different emotions, will still addressing historical issues or topics. Taratino chooses to film a movie of this type because of the way he can portray a very serious topic in way that no one has before. He picks the topic of World War II and the Nazi’s, but does not take the generic portrayal of it. Many previous movies of this subject have been released either show heroic American that battle insurmountable odds, or forsaken Jews that fight threw the worst. While it may seem dark to make a movie that takes a serious subject so lightly, it is part of the process of history. As it becomes more and more distant in time, there is less and less truth and seriousness put into it. It is seen in many other Hollywood movies, such as The Patriot (2000), 300 (2007), Braveheart (1995), and Django Unchained (2012). The interesting thing in many of the movies like these, is the enemy is often portrayed in an extremely negative, almost so extreme, they could be compared to the Nazis. Hollywood uses that Nazis as the level setter for enemies, it does not get worse than them. It is interesting to see how Taratino portrays the Nazis in Inglorious Basterds, especially because he does not give them a clear identity. He does not allow the stereotype that history has given them to dictate his movie. The Nazis, according to Taratino, are not all bad, they are not all good, nor are they all smart or dumb. He makes the audience think differently about every Nazi, which gives his movie more realism when it comes to the personality of the Nazi. Although Taratino skips accuracy to please the crowd, he does give the audience a more realistic approach to the enemy. Throughout the movie, there is large sense of American pride, but at the same time, there is a portrayal of the Nazi that many Americans have never seen before.
Inglorious Basterds starts with a scene in occupied France, with a local dairy farmer being questioned by Hans Landa, an SD officer in charge of rounding up the remaining Jews in France. This position has earned him the name of the “Jew Hunter”. Landa seems to be very much enthralled by his job, and personally likes his nickname. Landa, without seemingly any evidence, correctly assumes there are Jews hiding in the house. This is the first Nazi introduced in the film, and it is quickly determined what he portrays. He is the Nazi that is...

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