Inherit The Wind Based On This Quote "Many Have Set Aside Others And Have Focused On Themselves And Ended With Emptiness."

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"Many have set aside others and have focused on themselves and ended with emptiness." In Inherit the Wind, Matthew Harrison Brady wants personal gain more than anyone else so much as he thrives on it. He comes in as a big time Bible expert with tons of supporters especially in Dayton, and loves all the attention and uses his knowledge of the Bible (and the supporters) to fear his opponents. He is like a Puritan and all of Dayton is too for the most part. He is a man that cared about himself and his pride and didn't focus on others such as his wife. He troubled his own heart and family and ended with nothing. When he started to get questioned and attacked by Drummond on the knowledge of the Bible, he started to panic and think of some way to counter him but had nothing. He only had the literal translation of the Bible in his brain and nothing more. He was too focused on one thing and got beat by someone who put numerous things in his mind. He was in distress and had to get his attention somehow. He tried once more after the sentence was declared to try to gain his pride back, but everyone ignored him. He just kept speaking and his body gave up. He fell to the floor and died some time later. He died with the wind. Reverend Brown portrays the strict and controlling father to Rachel Brown. He is too involved living and believing the literal translation of the Bible and forces his daughter to live as he does. He is also a person that worries about his popularity so he is fearful that his daughter is dating Bertram Cates and supports Cates on the trial. Rachel Brown goes into rebellion against him for forcing her to do something that she doesn't want to do. He separates himself from his daughter by not letting her speak her own mind and too...

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