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Inherit the Wind Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee Inherit the Wind is a fictional account of a historical event known as the Scopes Monkey Trial. In social studies books, a short paragraph is frequently devoted to this case to illustrate how religious fundamentalists and free thinkers were at odds in the early twentieth century. The actual trial paired the famous lawyers Williams Jennings Bryan for the prosecution and Clarence Darrow for the defense. The authors have added a prologue to the play to explain that this play is a loose dramatization of the famous case. The names are changed and the setting is "not too long ago" in a "small town." Although the Scopes Monkey Trial made it into the history books, many similar cases have probably been tried in courtrooms around the country in the past and will continue to be tried as long as there are free thinkers and scientific advancement. The play begins with a humorous scene between a young boy, Howard, who is collecting worms for fish bait, and a girl named Melinda, who finds worms to be disgusting. Howard taunts Melinda that she is a descendent of a worm and that her father is a monkey. Melinda is horrified by his sinful talk. These two young characters represent both sides of the argument that will soon take place inside the courtroom. Rachel, a young schoolteacher in Hillsboro, enters the courthouse to see Bert Cates, the accused. Rachel believes that Cates is guilty and desperately wants him to admit his mistake so everyone can go back to their normal lives. Cates knows he has broken the law by exposing his students to Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. He does not deny that there is a God, but merely believes that creation took longer than six days. He does not believe the Bible should be taken literally. Rachel is the preacher's daughter and is caught between traditional beliefs and her relationship with Bert. There is great anticipation at the arrival of Matthew Harrison Brady, the lawyer for the prosecution and a presidential hopeful. He is also a pompous arrogant politician who the town has honored by giving him the title of colonel in the state militia. The street scene is like a carnival with lemonade stands, Bibles, and banners. Brady is the big fish in the little pond.E.K. Hornbeck is a newspaper reporter for the Baltimore Herald, who has come to cover the story. He is the outsider who acts as a commentator of the events. Hornbeck views this small town as provincial and supports Cates by writing an article for his paper depicting him as a hero. Henry Drummond has been hired by Hornbeck to defend Bert Cates. The excitement of Brady's arrival is counterbalanced by the sense of dread surrounding Drummond. The red setting sun gives Drummond the aura of the devil as he enters the town. Hornbeck welcomes him to "Hell." In Scene II of Act I, the battle has begun. Since the opinion of the entire town is more important than that of the judge...

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Inherit The Wind Essay

588 words - 2 pages Inherit The Wind Rachel’s Quest for independence I think Rachel was looking for the ways for her independence and willing to protect Bert during the trial. Rachel believed that Bert was innocent. Rachel was in love with Bert, she knew that Bert was not a criminal and she wanted him to confess the court and the town’s people that he had done wrong, and it was all a joke and he was sorry for that. Rachel said to Bert, “Bert, why don’t

Inherit The Wind Essay

513 words - 2 pages Inherit the Wind                                               The main theme of Inherit the Wind by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee is taking a stand. The play begins in Hillsboro, Tennessee when a man named Bertram

Inherit The Wind Essay

704 words - 3 pages      Inherit the Wind, a play written by Jerome Lawrence, and Robert E. Lee, is one of the greatest and most controversial plays of its time. It was written at a time of scientific revolution to benefit people of the day and in the future, however, people of the day had a hard time accepting new ideas. It is societies unwillingness to change, and accept new ideas that create racism, and hate groups of today. This

Inherit the Wind Essay

786 words - 3 pages The novel Inherit the Wind written by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee is a dramatization of the Scopes trial that took place in 1925. When a school teacher, Bertram Cates, is put on trial for introducing his students to Darwin's theory, many conflicts between several different characters arise, developing the central theme of the story. The conflicts between Rachel Brown and her father Jeremiah Brown demonstrate external conflicts as well as

Inherit the Wind

722 words - 3 pages 014 Inherit the Wind, a play written by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, has many extremely complex characters. Sarah Brady can easily be written off as a shallow character who’s only purpose is to follow her husband around, however, she is so much more than Matthew Harrison Brady’s personal cheerleading team. Mrs. Brady is motherly, empathetic, and incredibly supportive, and Brady would not have achieved anything without her. Her motherly

Inherit the wind (Scopes trial)

1042 words - 4 pages read this book because I truly think that they would enjoy it. It provides entertainment, but it also lets a student think for himself about topics like God, science, and the justice system. While reading this book, I developed my own opinions about the Theory of Evolution, which I don't believe in, and though I didn't think Bert should be put in jail, I did agree with pretty much everything Brady had to say about the Bible. To my final conclusion of the trial of the century, Inherit the Wind was a wonderful book that should be read by all.

Literary Analysis: "Inherit the Wind"

1547 words - 6 pages Can moral obligations be blinded by religious views? For some, the sense of religious pride reigns stronger than the moral belief. In the beginning, citizens of Hillsboro from the novel Inherit The Wind by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, acknowledged religion as something far more valuable than the moral truth. As the novel continues the prosecuting attorney, Matthew Harrison Brady, enters the scene which reveals the prejudice of the

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1011 words - 4 pages get so involved in making sure that the proper beliefs are passed on that they forget to leave room for anything else. It is easy to forget that, though they are but children, they do have the power to think for themselves and to decide what to carry on and what to leave behind. In Jerome Lawrence's play, Inherit the Wind, Lawrence clearly emphasizes the importance of youth in not today's world but in tomorrow's. Lawrence uses the "Scopes Monkey

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2043 words - 8 pages Inherit the Wind - Scene Analysis   The scene that introduces the audience to Matthew Harrison Brady, in Inherit the Wind, (Dir. Stanley Kramer. With Spencer Tracy, Frederic March, and Gene Kelly. MGM. 1960) uses dialogue, composition, camera work and music to develop Matthew Brady. Kramer reveals important information about the plot of the film in this scene. The scene opens with a bird's eye view shot of the town of Hillsboro

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836 words - 4 pages There were many things that happened during the1920's. Some of them were inventions. Automobiles, clothes, war, and many more happened during this time. It was basically a time of change. One of the well-recorded documents in the 1920's was about the story of two lawyers fighting over the basis of ho man came to be upon the earth. This case came to be "the most explosive trial of the century". The name of the book is Inherit the Wind. There are

Inherit the Wind: Religion vs. Science

1214 words - 5 pages Inherit the Wind: Religion vs. Science   Stanley Kramer's film, Inherit the Wind, examines a trial based on the 1925 Scopes trial in Dayton, Tennessee. Often referred to as "The Trial of the Century" (Scopes Trial Web Page), the Scopes trial illuminated the controversy between the Christian theory of creation and the more scientific theory of evolution. John Scopes, a high school biology teacher, was arrested for illegally

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Inherit The Wind Book Report

1226 words - 5 pages Inherit the Wind Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee Inherit the Wind is a fictional account of a historical event known as the Scopes Monkey Trial. In social studies books, a short paragraph is frequently devoted to this case to illustrate how religious fundamentalists and free thinkers were at odds in the early twentieth century. The actual trial paired the famous lawyers Williams Jennings Bryan for the prosecution and

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483 words - 2 pages The book "Inherit The Wind" by Robert E. Lee, is about a man, Bertram Cates, who is accused of teaching the theory of evolution in a public school, that only allowed the theory of creation and the bible to be taught. The theory of evolution says that man evolved from monkeys. When Henry Drummond, a lawyer for Cates, and Bert are talking in the courtroom, while the jury was out making their decision on a verdict. Henry brings up an old

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1542 words - 7 pages Henry Drummond is an acclaimed criminal-defense lawyer and recognized agnostic, so how could a man such as this respect and appreciate the life of the fundamentalist Christian Matthew Harrison Brady? Throughout the play Inherit the Wind Drummond demonstrates that though his opinions are much different than Brady and many of the townspeople of Hillsboro when it comes to religion, he is able and willing to respect these people’s values and beliefs