Initial Emotional Intelligent And Ethics Report

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Who did you choose as your coach? Why?
For this assignment, I chose my sister to be my coach. The are several reasons why I chose her as my coach. Firstly, she is the closest person in my life. Apart from going to class, I mostly spent my time with her every day. Secondly, she is someone that I trust. She is someone that I can rely on whenever I have problems. Finally, she is someone who will think about what is best for me.Therefore, I am sure she will do everything she can to help me to become a better person.
Which skill did you choose. Why?
The skill that I chose is informing. The reasons are as follows
• Using my EI Survey, I realized that my personal competence is lower compared to my social competence. The skills that could help me in improving personal competence is informing. Therefore, I decided to improve on my informing skill.
• During my childhood, I had a bad experience about expressing my opinion/ feeling. I do not like to inform my opinion or feeling about something because I believed that other people would not care about my opinion. Since then, I had a bad habit of not telling other people about how I really feel. This is the main reason why I chose to enhance my informing skill.

By expressing my feeling or opinion 4 times in a week to my sister. I hope that this would help me enhance my informing skill.
What difficulties and success did you experience when doing the breathing exercise and what did you learn about yourself?

Throughout the first breathing exercise that I did, I had a lot of difficulty on concentrating about one specific thing. During the exercise, I supposed to remember a good memory which happened to me in the past two weeks. I was able to concentrate on that memory for less than 30 seconds. Subsequently, there was so many sad memories that came into my mind. However, I was having problems in identifying the source of the sadness in my body. All I felt was sadness.
After doing the exercise repeatedly, I was able to identify the source of my sadness. Throughout the exercise, I was able to concentrate on remembering a sad moment for a minute. Even though it is only one minute, I was able to learn a lot from it. In this short duration, all the things that I could have done to make the situation better keep coming into my mind. This thought caused me to blame myself, and caused my heart feel pressured and burden.
Even though I was feeling sad throughout the exercise, I was feeling relaxed after I opened my eyes. The exercise helped me think about the situation calmly. Thinking about situation calmly will help people to be better at evaluating the situation. It also helped me realize that it is not entirely my fault. By admitting this, it helped me stop blaming myself and made me feel relieved.
Briefly describe a situation where you had to make a decision that affected others that had ethical implications and describe how made the decision.

When I was getting off of the bus, I saw the guy in front of me...

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