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Initial Reflective Essay

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In order to develop the intellectual and ethical commitments a teacher needs to have towards its students, they must follow the Democratic Ideal. In my opinion, teachers should have a wide general knowledge and deep knowledge of the content to be taught. Furthermore, teachers should show sensitivity toward the varieties of individual and cultural diversity in their classrooms. Lastly, a teacher must show contagious intellectual, enthusiasm, and courage enough to be creative in the classroom. These three aspects of the Democratic Ideal would help develop a great teacher.
If a student were to be sitting in a classroom listening to a teacher feed them a bunch of information that even they ...view middle of the document...

Teachers should avoid singling certain student's out for race, religion, or gender because the other student's will then treat them the same. Everyone should be treated as an equal to develop the idea in your classroom that no one student is more important than the other. The students should be taught about the different diversity in their area in order to understand and have sensitivity towards it. As well as, developing classroom activities that get the children interacting with each other to become accustomed to one another. Student's can be guided to appreciate and respect different diversities and coexist peacefully, it will just take hard work from the teacher to make it happen.
There is nothing worse for a student then to come to class everyday and listen to a dull, lifeless, and boring teacher. If the teacher isn't enjoying themselves, the student's will be even worse. A teacher must show enthusiasm in their classroom, and have the ability to be creative. Teachers must think outside the box and come up with...

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