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Original Writing On Titanic Essay

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Original Writing on Titanic

The gloomy day is still fresh in my head. A desolate place in freezing
conditions torments my dreams, but the ship is still desirable for in
my dreams, the mahogany rooms and being in America. Those dreams still
torture me still as they cannot become a reality. My name is William
Hamburg. I was a forty-year-old stockbroker, and needed a new tension
free life; one with no quarrels with people that I may have
disappointed. The Titanic was a key to freedom and pleasure in a new
country and with new prospects. The opportunities that could have been
available to us were unimaginable and priceless. As an expert in
financial assets, I still believe that America is the country to be

As a farther, I would have liked my children to grow up and then look
after me in my old age with my life companion, their mother. Jim, Jack
and John, my three sons still young to enjoy their youth had to come,
as this was a family move. The price was high but to travel at the
highest possible class to a new start, to new dreams I believed it was
is worth every penny.

The date was April 10. All classes anticipated the maiden voyage for
the greatest and most lavish vessel afloat. This may have been a mere
pleasure trip, a society outing for the wealthy but This voyage of the
world's biggest and most significant vessel afloat would also be a
major stepping stone for the underprivileged population of England.
These would be making a one-way journey, looking for a better life in
America. They had sold everything they owned, which for many of them
was not a great deal to begin with. Their worldly belongings would
fill just a couple of bags. They may have he same dream that I did but
I had that extra start in life of money.

The word came, all passengers were on board and all crew members
excluding a few Irish firefighters who believed that a last pint was
in order. The ships mighty horn was sounded it symbolized the last few
minutes before departure. The horn was heard across the Southampton
docks, and with a matter of minutes the mighty engines gave, a massive
roar and the engines began to release vapours from the gigantic stern
engine funnels. The cranes loaded the last of countless amounts cargo
crates and the final tears were shed. My wife looked as beautiful as
ever but with that extra touch, showing that she was as enthusiastic
as I was about this major life changing decision. The children were
also cheerful about leaving. The final tug was released and all
stairways leading into the starliner were removed. A few minutes later
the massive propellers began to spin allowing all the thick lines
holding the ship in Southampton removed. The atmosphere was deafening.

The cabins were extraordinary, layered in extravagant hand carved
mahogany woodwork; the mahogany...

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