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Everyone in prison says they're innocent event when they're not, right? Police don't go after the wrong people, do they? The court would never throw the wrong people in jail, would they? Guess again"¦ Should a person accused of a crime have a reasonable chance to prove his or her innocence? In another word, should a person accused of a crime have a fair trial? In 1992, my friend's brother who was 26 years old at the time when he was accused of statutory rape. The victim was a 17 years old girl. For the purpose of this essay, I'd like to refer to the accused as Sone and the victim as Jane. Sone and a couple of friends rented an apartment in downtown of San Jose. Jane was a girlfriend of one of the young men who was sharing rent with Sone. Jane came to visit the boys numerous times, and she stayed over night with her boyfriend many times.One evening, Sone was home by himself because he didn't feel good. The friends went out to party at a nightclub. Jane left the apartment, and tried to catch a bus home. She came back to the apartment and fli rt with Sone. Jane stayed over night with Sone. Sone drove her home in the morning. Two weeks later, San Jose Police Department arrested Sone. It was Jane's father who pressed the charge.At the trial, Sone was represented by Public Defender, who had been pressured him to plea no contest to the charge. The conditions were one year in prison and three years probation. Sone was incarcerated at Santa Clara jail while waiting for his trial. Sone contested the allegations as advised by his sister and friends. The sister came up about $5000 for the attorney fee. The family had spent sometime looking for the attorney, but most of them wanted more money for the fee. One attorney who was referred by the Public Defender took this case for $5000, and the fee had to be paid in advance.Jane's father dropped the charge after Jane admitted when she told the Court that she had consensual sex with Sone. She was not raped or forced. However, Sone still faces the charge that brought by the district attorney, who represents people of California.Suppose you were accused of a crime and locked in jail. The lawyer does not try to find your witness until the night before the trial. The judge won't allow him to ask a prosecution witness important questions about the case. You want to testify the case, but...

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