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Inner City Schooling Essay

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Have you noticed about gangs and lower grades in inner-city school areas?There isn't a problem with the teachers, the teachers are fine, what we need to think about is the parents.Most parents in inner-city areas do not have an education an do not realize how important educattion ...view middle of the document...

The government is also trying to make inner-city parents realize that education is very important and that they should get an education themselves and be involved in thier childs education to give thier children a better chance in life.I think the government is doing a good thing helping people who are less priviledged than that of other people.Whe should all have a equal chance to give our children the education and encouragement that they need, don't you think so?

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2425 words - 10 pages . (1983). Family life and school achievement. Chicago: University of ChicagoPress.Comer, J. P., Rallying the whole village: The Comer process for reforming education. NewYork: Teacher College Press.Cullingford, Cedric. (1999). The Causes of Exclusion: Home, School and the Developmentof Young Criminals. Sterling: Stylus Publishing.Dauber, S. L., & Epstein, J. L. (1993). Parents' attitudes and practices of involvementin inner city elementary and

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793 words - 4 pages Letters to a Young Teacher Letters to a Young Teacher is a very inspirational novel written by Jonathon Kozol. It’s a collection of letters written to a teacher under the pseudonym of Fancasca, who teaches at an inner-city school. Kozol gives advice that any new teachers need to hear. He also goes into some of the politics and policies that affect teachers everywhere. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. He spoke of his own experiences

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1202 words - 5 pages through 8th grade was white. Every other child has always been a minority. She stated that the inner city kids were not being treated equal to those out in the suburbs, the white kids. The court case Sheff v. O’Neill decision was decided not on the issue of financial resources but on the concentration of racial and ethnic minority school children (Lohman, 2003). The schools in Hartford and the suburbs were experiencing segregation de facto

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1163 words - 5 pages with, and ultimately creating a highly successful educational program. This collection of her writings includes journal entries, articles, and memos that summarize her struggle to create and manage great inner-city schools. Most of all, however, Meier's book is a wake-up call to citizens and educators--about taking education seriously and accepting mutual responsibility for the future of the next generation.

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926 words - 4 pages feel to be innocent and casual recreation. Although stricter laws may have little or no effect on this drug use, a stronger campaign against drug use may elicit some results.   One other problem facing America is the issue of education. While schooling overall is not a major problem, education in the inner city and other "high risk" areas is an issue. Children in these schools rarely pursue education beyond high school, if they

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1022 words - 5 pages drive to support the children in the daycare. Seeing these children beam with pride, their eyes wide and as their smiles, and their eagerness exuding is an absolute fulfillment. Whether one is an inner city kid, or a child of urban poor families in the Philippines, or a workingman or woman seeking a new career path, to seek a higher form of literacy is to take the responsibility on how the newfound knowledge is utilized. Literacy is sometimes taken out of context and used in a self-destructive means, however more often than not literacy facilitates our hopes and aspirations for a better quality of life.

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