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Inner Isolation Essay

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Inner Isolation

Isolation, a state of alienation often enforced to protect one’s self from any unwanted persons and/or societal functions. This protective barrier otherwise known as isolation is usually established when one has not yet resolved their own inner conflicts and is instead accusing society and its members. Isolation is not only a physical state, but a state of mind that can severely impact one’s mentality. In recent years, a professor from the University of Chicago centered his attention on examining the minds of the socially isolated. While conducting multiple cerebral experiments, the professor along with his colleagues discovered that “The brains of ...view middle of the document...

His mentality differentiates greatly from that of an ordinary person, therefore causing him to perceive and analyze situations with a much greater sense of negativity. Holden physically isolates himself from large social events, as he perceives everything and everyone around him with a great deal of judgment and a high sense of superiority, thus rendering himself less tolerant towards any thoughts and/or opinions that contradict his own. One key example that illustrates Holden’s negative perception towards his surroundings would certainly be the saturday night football game that occurred at the beginning of the novel, where Holden voluntarily isolates himself from the rest of the crowd; “I remember around three o’clock that afternoon I was standing way the hell up on top of Thomsen Hill. [...] You could see the whole field from there, and you could see the whole team bashing each other all over the place.” (pg 2, J.D Salinger) Right as the novel commences, Holden introduces his need for isolation. He portrays the fact that he feels most comfortable when is distanced from the common crowd (“standing way the hell up on Thomsen Hill”). When distanced, Holden feels sheltered from the opinions of others, he can express and think to himself most liberally and can observe and judge others without actually being judged himself. Holden also believes that he possesses higher ideological superiority over others, he truly believes that his idea of “phoniness” in people and society is most accurate. With this said, Holden perceives it to be to his advantage not to participate and interact in a society where everyone and everything is deemed to be “phony” and instead adhere to his own proper moral beliefs. Another significant element that

links Holden’s physical isolation to his moral beliefs and convictions is definitely his presumption of others along with his inner uncertainty . Holden is continually analyzing each person he encounters, whether it’s a...

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