Inner Journeys Referring To Sally Morgan's "My Place", Kenneth Graham's "Wind In The Willows" And Skp's "Journey To The Self"

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Inner Journey Synthesis TaskDiscuss how various composers have explored the many and varied circumstances and situations that enable people to undertake an emotional and spiritual journey. In your answer you should refer to your prescribed text, ONE text from the prescribed Stimulus Booklet and ONE other related text of your own choosing.An inner journey is a journey of the mind and the spirit. It offers growth & development through emotional pilgrimage and provides new insights for the mind and spirit. The full effect of these journeys can only be completely understood and appreciated if one takes the time to reflect on their progress. The three texts explore different journeys, some involving a physical journey as well as an inner journey. My Place, by Sally Morgan is a quest Narrative, which follows the journey of discovery taken by Sally as she unveils her Aboriginal heritage. Similarly, SKP's Journey to the interior is a journey of self-discovery as SKP rediscovers her true self. Wind in the Willows, by Kenneth Graham explores the different reactions of three completely different characters to the concept of an inner journey.Sally Morgan, based on the stolen generation, explores the different circumstances, which not only enable, but also compel Sally on a dangerously personal journey of discovery. These unique situations and circumstances unfortunately are based on lies and deceit, as Sally's true heritage is hidden from her. To highlight the strong connections in the writings of Aboriginal literature to history, Sally Morgan's "My Place" can be read as a counter-memory of colonialism. In "My Place", Sally Morgan undertakes a journey of discovery in which she learns that her understanding of herself and her heritage is founded on a lie. Upon completion of the journey, Sally becomes wiser, more accepting and tolerating and loving, having faced her challenges and been inspired by people whom she encounters as she undertakes her inner journey. My Place also creates a journey for the reader by challenging issues of paternalism, family relationships, land and language rights, and the suppression of history since white settlement.Sally Morgan explores and conveys meaning through the stories of Arthur, Gladys and Daisy. Morgan explores the elements needed to embark on an inner journey, focusing on determination, commitment and willingness. Sally is thirsty for the truth, having been enveloped with deception her whole life. She reveals, " I wasn't going to be satisfied with just anything. And I wasn't lazy". Sally demonstrates her dedication and commitment to her journey of discover by writing a book. This book is particularly compelling because, through colloquial language and first person narration, Sally Morgan confides in and involves the reader in the journey, creating a sense of intimacy. The stories of Arthur, Daisy and Gladys also add authenticity and sincerity to the book. The personal accounts from Arthur Gladys and Nan offer insight...

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An analysis of "the wind in the willows" by kenneth grahame on the concept of a journey

860 words - 3 pages The Wind in the Willows, by Kenneth Grahame, allegorically relates to the concept of a journey. Not only does this extract describe the arranging of a physical journey but also it illustrates different people's connotations of and responses to the idea of a journey. This excerpt shows that The Wind in the Willows can be interpreted and enjoyed by children and also examined on a deeper level by adults. The author, Kenneth Grahame, has

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1694 words - 7 pages personal journey in causing the other members of her family to embark on their own journey and break their silence. Similarly, Journey to the Interior and Heart of Darkness deal with the concept of an inner journey and its impact on the audience. While these texts differ in setting and purpose, all focus on a search for identity, in terms of self-awareness and in relation to the surrounding environment.When Sally Morgan's "My Place" was first published

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1120 words - 4 pages journey enclosed and pessimistic although after the speculation of his child's future he becomes optimistic and open minded. However, in Margaret Atwood's poem Journey to the Interior no imaginative journey is undertaken, rather the speculation of obstacles that can prevent discovering the inspiration for a journey into the imagination occurs and results in the lack of her transformation. Peter Howitt's Sliding Doors focus on the imaginative

Aread of study : Journey - My Place by: Sally Morgan - 'Variety is the spice of life.' Discuss with reference to your prescribed text and other material you have studied

2109 words - 8 pages amount of time the persona has left & could also emphasise the many life journeys the persona has to do before he can die.The "darkest evening" & "frozen lake" symbolises isolation & coldness. It shows that really in life people are isolated & alone when dealing with decisions & choices that determine someone's life journey. This links to the alliteration as it dit also describes and analyses a life journey.The alliteration in the

Texts Discussed Are: This Lime Tree Bower My Prison'-Coleridge 'The Wind In The Willows' - Kenneth Grahame 'The Art Of Happiness - His Holiness The Dalai Lama And Howard C

1094 words - 5 pages accurate in describing the notion of journey; my studies of these texts have shown that an imaginative journey is certainly a complex state of mind. Each of the texts has one key point; 'Lime Tree' tells us that the journey is for enjoyment, 'Wind in the Willows' implies that there are risks in the journey and 'Art of Happiness' portrays the need for self-involvement in the journey. My concluding belief is that although I have come to understand certain aspects of the journey there are many more to be learnt.

Imaginative Journey [speech]. Explore the ways in which the concept of the Journey is represented in a variety of texts. The Tempest, Wind In The Willows Extract, Edward Scissorhands

1046 words - 4 pages discrediting the proffered Utopia. Shakespeare evinces the idea that cynicism can end our transcendent journey and bring us back to a practical reality.Likewise, The B.O.S Stimulus Booklet, Text 3, The Wind In The Willows also illustrates how our imaginative journey can be limited if we are dogged by negativity. Toad, Mole and Rat all hold human characteristics yet retain animalistic traits, exploring human nature allegorically. Toad describes an

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1247 words - 5 pages Imaginative journeys are a great importance to one's life as it is a key that holds the experience to gain knowledge of self and one's place in the universe. There are several texts which explore this concept, such as "Frost at Midnight" and "Kubla Khan" written by Samuel Coleridge as well as Victor Kelleher's book cover of his novel "The Ivory Trail". All of these texts illustrate the immense power of a human's imagination through the creation


579 words - 2 pages How has the composer use of characterization commented on the concept of journey this extract from ‘The Wind and the Willows’ by Kenneth Graham not only describe the proposal of a physical journey, but also explores the prospects and considerations of going on a journey. Written in third person, Kenneth Grahame discusses the different attitudes taken towards embarking on a physical journey. These three different attitudes are

The Wind In The Willows SOAPSTonE

728 words - 3 pages (Characters) To start off I will be describing the characters. The main character, Mr.Mole is a curious, adventurous, prideful, generous and kind animal.”But the Mole very full of lunch, and self satisfaction, and pride, and already quite at home in the boat (so he thought), and was getting a bit restless besides and presently he said, Ratty, Please, I want to row, now!,” Later on in Chapter 1 we discover Ratty, or Mr.Rat. Mr.Rat(Ratty) is

My Place by Sally Morgan in relation to the movie Fight Club by David Fincher, the painting Cathedral by Jackson Pollock and the poem Kith of Infinity by Somtow Sucharitkul

4076 words - 16 pages embarks on a journey so to find a place where she belongs, as the title of the book suggests. Both in the poem and novel, physical and inner journeys are undertaken. Infinity seems to be coursing along-side the wind through-out the universe, and particularly the Earth, as it describes many natural elements, and by doing so, finds something it can belong to. Sally on her journey, travels to the home of her grandmother, to find her relatives and the

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1156 words - 5 pages The Journey to Self Discovery Death and life are contrasting points of view while discovery seems to be the main point in Joan Didion’s essay “On Going Home and, N. Scott Momaday’s essay The Way to Rainy Mountain. For Joan Didion, returning home is a source of comfort, confusion, and conflict. The life she lives with her husband and child are a world apart from the life she grew up in. Her memories are a part of who she is and the kind of

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1188 words - 5 pages Morgan's "My Place" published in 1987, and the "Journeys" Stimulus Booklet for the Area of Study. I have chosen three texts out of the booklet, a film review "Blood on the Tracks" by Renay Walker, the poem "Journey to the Interior" by Margaret Atwood, and a quote by Shirley Geok-lin Lim "The Town Where Time Stands Still".* Inner Journeys are a difficult concept to grasp hold of. They take so many different forms, in so many different places, how

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1067 words - 4 pages Kenneth Grahame's The Wind in the Willows Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows is a satirical reflection of the English social structure of the late nineteenth century, during a time of rapid industrialization throughout Europe. Also considered a children’s story, this novel conveys Grahame’s belief in the ability of one to live an unrestrained and leisurely life, free of the obligations of the working class, and entitled to this life

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651 words - 3 pages second class citizen or half human. "Sal the fights gone out o' me. I got no strength left...Blackfellas got to show the white man what they made of. I like to think the black man will get treated same as the white man one day..." Daisy lets go in the end because she finally accepts her aboriginality. The emotive language used positions the audience to respond with empathy.My place as well as the inner journeys of Daisy and Gladys has taught me

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1500 words - 6 pages devoting the first quarter of her novel to proving her authenticity. Critics could interpret an immediate statement of "I am Aborigine" as self-serving and ignorant, like a White entertainer in Blackface. To avoid this pitfall, Morgan waits until page 121 of My Place to call herself an Aborigine. The preceding personal history "" when Morgan is "White" "" is not simply part of her story. Rather, the first quarter of My Place is a literary device