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Innocence And Purity Essay

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Prejudice is a common thing in the world. If a person isn't a like the rest of the world, they will be look down upon or taken advantage of. Class status, social gaps, stereotypes are all common things in the world. The Stolen Party is revolved around those prejudices. It's even more about innocence and purity of a little kid's mind. The main symbols of the story are the monkey's and magicians relationship as well as the party in comparision to society. Both the magician and Senior Ines are taking advantage of monkey and Rosaura.
Kidsds have such innocence and purity, they don't know that the world is a bad place and that people are cruel. When Rosaura first told her mother of the party, she says “I don't like you going. It's a rich people's party” (Heker 403). Rosaura fought for the right to go because in her mind, she was invited and she believes they are friends. Her mother doesn't agree to that though, because according to her, their money problems are standing in the way of them being friends, to Luciana, she'll always be the maid's daughter. She hasn't realized that your reputation and like-ability is all based on if you have money or not. She has never experienced prejudice and has no experience that not everyone will like her due to the whole money issue.
When Rosaura first arrived to the party, Luciana told her that the monkey was in the kitchen, so don't tell anyone because it's a suprise. Senor Ines only let her into the kitchen because “they're much too boisterous, they might break something” (Heker 404). But in reality, she was never technically apart of the party so it would never really ruin the suprise. When the magician and monkey perform their act that's when Heker starts to show how the magician is taking advantage over the monkey. The way the magician called the monkey “partner” and “Don't run away partner: time to work now” (Heker 405). It's stating that the magician holds a belief that he's the one in charge. In a person and animal relationship, it's known that the person holds the power seeing as they can actually speak and can actually control the animal whereas the animal cannot. “The magician picked him up carefully, whispered something in his ear, and the monkey nodded almost as if he understood” (Heker 405). The magician was telling the monkey to behave and if he didn't behave, there would be consequences. The magician's and monkey's relationship is exactly like Senor Ines' and Rosaura's relationship.
At the end of the story, Senor Ines was handing the people of the party toys, a yo-yo for the boys and a bracelet for the girls. When she came up to Rosaura, she “ didn't look in the pink bag. Nor did she look in the blue bag. Instead she rummaged in her purse. In her...

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