Innocence To Enlightenment: Experience Level Up!

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Every life in one way or another transition from a life of innocence, to a life as an experience individual. Life can be classified as innocent at the start due to our ignorance. The fact that we are not exposed or influenced by what is around us. This is commonly associated with babies, who are new to this world. They have no idea what may be happening in the outside world; although sometimes it can even occur to adults. The baby will not know that its parents may steal for its meals, or the reason it was alive was due to such a dirty process in perspective, sexual intercourse. The baby may grow up thinking that its parents are sweet, normal, and want to become just like them. The irony is comically dark, that the child would want to be "pure" like its parents yet in reality they are not so pure. No one is pure and this is what separates an innocent individual from an experienced individual. To find out that not all things are pure is necessary, but of course "pure" is a subjective term. We as human beings go through this process every single day throughout our entire lives not knowing it. Nathaniel Hawthorne in “Young Goodman Brown” shows us how the protagonist progresses from a state of innocence to becoming an experience person.
When referred by Hawthorne as 'young' it could have meant a number of things, excluding obviously his age. Goodman Brown is initially portrayed as a naive, religious, sweet hearted fellow, and maybe that is what makes him 'innocent', to be able to be ignorant but pure of heart. In the story Young Goodman Brown it clearly shows how sins that are untold can torture a person and rob them of all happiness.”Well, she's a blessed angel on earth; and after this one night I'll cling to her skirts and follow her to heaven"(Hawthorne1).In this quote Brown was referring to his wife Faith whom he is married to for a few months. Is it not strange for a man to say "I'll cling to her skirts and follow her to heaven" to a woman whom he only married for a few months. That’s not a long enough time to gain so much faith and trust in someone, especially to follow to heaven. One of the beliefs that the Puritan people had was that if you were a wife or a mother you could actually redeem your family in the eyes of god. Was it okay for Brown to stray from his path once? For Brown; Faith signified his God; everything he believes in was represented by her. Brown thought that he could redeem himself through her so that he won’t be punished in the afterlife for the wrong he has committed. Just like a baby who realizes its parent are tainted Brown will come to realize that his Faith is also tainted.
Brown is walking in the forest when he comes across the mysterious man. This mysterious man was described to be around fifty years old and he was wearing the same clothes like Brown. However, the staff that this man carried was what caught Brown’s attention which he compared to a great black snake due to its appearance. Brown and the man begin...

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